The time has come…


This is my first blog. What took me so long to start blogging? I’m just lazy I guess. But even my laziness is trumped by the need to take personal direct action right now! I need to start screaming! Although I have been screaming in RL for years, I need to start E-SCREAMING.

I’ll tell you why. I feel like I’m one of the few people that sees what is really going on in washingtOOn. With all the various discussions taking place all over the place, there seems to be a lack of debate about a very important aspect of the problems our country now faces. In the mainstream media and elsewhere, the so called “debate” is too often framed as: are the repubs right or are the dems right? My answer is that they are equally WRONG. The real truth about what happens in washingtOOn isn’t that the dems and repubs disagree, it’s that they AGREE.


BOTH the repubs And the dems in washingtOOn AGREED to go to war in Iraq in the first place!

Now, BOTH the repubs And the dems in washingtOOn AGREE that the war in Iraq should continue to be funded!

For parties supposedly in opposition, this is an amazing level of AGREEMENT on the biggest problem facing this country since I don’t know when! Resolved: Both parties AGREE the war should continue. No matter what crap they spew in the so called “debate” on this war, the ACTIONS of BOTH PARTIES are clearly continuing this war, and in an open ended manner. NEITHER the dems or the repubs have an EXIT STRATEGY ! BOTH parties have only a CONTINUATION STRATEGY.

This will be the tone of this blog, until further notice. I intend to chronicle how it is that the agreement of the ruling elite, the oligarchs (both repub and dem), has caused the USA to become a failed state. That in fact, via the war in Iraq, We The People have allowed our so called leaders to turn OUR country into the most dangerous rogue state in the history of the world.

My next blog will concern the smoke screen framing of political debate in this country as right-conservative vs. left-liberal. I will explain and argue this point, and then indicate where the real fire that’s burning us lays within the smoke. Where there’s smoke, there is fire…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “The time has come…”

  1. Rock on oh dreadlock deity may your passion ignite the masses and start that fire under their fat american ass to lay down the apathy and remote and do something.

  2. What you say is true. But that’s because both parties are FUNDED by this war.

    There is a lot of disturbing information about the corporatocracy making reams of dollars while babies and mothers get blown up (not to mention innocents):

    Numerous counts of over 500,000 dead.

    Yet the other day my friend was at jury duty and heard these two folks talking about how we better not pull out those troops! Or all those terrorists are gonna come over here and git us!

    We in the US all have access to information and knowledge… not sure we’re all reading it, though…

  3. Clapso, my man . . . ROCK ON!!! There is only one way to productively express our outrage. We must take back the media! A new independent media center is being formed in Utica, and with the help of all who refuse to accept what corporate controlled outlets would have us believe, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Details can be found in today’s paper.

  4. Has anyone herd of something called POD CASTING? You don’t need a radio station in utah to have your own radio internet radio can do the same. Hacking podcasting is a great book on the subject.

  5. A house divided against itself cannot stand

    Ok now start playing some rage against the machine LOUD no LOUDER!

    It is the 21’st century NOW if you are reading this someone killed some trees, or you probably can send a email. When the constitution was written direct government was not a option because of the difficulty it would present.

    We can now do better so lets do that Switzerland would not consider what we have a democracy.

    Direct democracy is a option whats the problem?

    Fight the real culprit represented democracy itself!

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