Yes Virginia, there is a right and a left…


Unfortunately, in the halls of power in washingtOOn, the agenda of both ends of the political spectrum is given at best lip service in talking points and any attempt to actually DO what the elected proponents of either side SAY they are gonna DO is done in an at best half hearted matter and fails.

The last dem to infest the white house (slick willy) rolled in with a promise to FINALLY give us national health care. He and his wife did a bad job and failed to make it happen. Having failed, they then blamed the other side. What did we get instead? NAFTA and welfare “reform.”

The repub currently infesting the white house rolled in with the promise to “run the government like a business.” Over the last six plus years the federal government has been running the highest deficits in US history. This has lead to the highest national debt in US history. If the federal government were really a business, it would have gone into receivership in 2002! What does g’dubya say about that? He blames the other side of course!

I argue that slick willy clinton was far more successful at instituting the right wing agenda then g’dubya has been! I point to what I wrote above as my proof! In order to keep this post short, I won’t go into the MANY additional failures of these last two administrations. I will however take you now to the near future. As bad as the failures the smoke screen left/right debate has produced are. There is a fire amidst all this smoke. This fire has been quietly smoldering for years and has flared up several times, only to be tamped down by the smokescreen. In the UK one flare up was called “the third way”I call that the bloody brits have lost their way! Here in the US our most resent flare up was called the “100 hours agenda” I call it the too little, too late 100 hours of mediocrity.

In the UK it is personified by the “blairist MP’s.” Here in the US it is personified by “the old rockafella wing” of the repubs AND the “blew dawg” dems. They claim to be “moderates” and that their agenda is “centrist.” They talk about negotiation and bi-partisanship. They claim to be interested in building consensus. What is it they AGREE on?

You only need look at my last blog for the answer! They agree to continue the failed Iraq war, and prove their agreement by voting for continued funding. But the effect of the radical moderate agenda is worse even then that. What the hell is going on, you may ask? While some dems in washingtOOn were rightly pushing to end the war NOW and impeach the bush crime family NOW. The blew dawg dems and all the repubs were running interference for the oval office war criminals by not supporting impeachment. They also forced the dems so called leadership to dumb down the recently vetoed supplemental. EVEN IF g’dubya SIGNED THE SUPPLEMENTAL IT WOULD NOT HAVE ENDED THE WAR! Don’t let anyone bullshit you. That bill was so filled with loop holes, it gave the bush crime family a blank check to continue the blood bath in Iraq. I blame the repubs, both right-wing and centrist. I also blame the “centrist” dems. The blew dawgs even went so far as to use the right wing catch phrase “support the troops” as an excuse for continuing to fund the failed war! My own blew dawg dem of a congressman here in the 24th district of New York has claimed the radical moderate agenda as his own. He along with the repubs of every political stripe AGREE to continue to deficit spend in order to to continue funding this war to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. They then have the gall to claim that they are “fiscal conservatives?” What’s fiscally conservative about spending us into the poor house to continue a war WE THE PEOPLE have made quite CLEAR we don’t want!
Let me stop here and warn you all. Whether you consider yourself to be of the left or the right matters not. If the radical moderates of both parties are allowed to continue to gain power, you will not be happy in the least with the wishy washy agenda they will bring forth. They are conning you into taking the worst of both worlds and will cause us even more pain and failure into the future. The centrists will simply spew talking points from both the left and the right and then do nothing for us. The radical moderates will simply SAY whatever they think will get them elected and then not give us what they promise!

What about We The People? What blame do we hold for this mess? After all, we get the kind of government we deserve don’t we? What is it we can do to cause our government to SUCCEED? That dear reader will be covered in my next blog…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




~ by ClapSo on May 4, 2007.

One Response to “Yes Virginia, there is a right and a left…”

  1. House Divided Speech
    Springfield, Illinois
    June 16, 1858

    On June 16, 1858, more than 1,000 Republican delegates met in the Springfield, Illinois, statehouse for the Republican State Convention. At 5 p.m. they chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate for the U.S. Senate, running against Democrat Stephen A. Douglas.

    At 8 p.m. Lincoln delivered this address to his Republican colleagues in the Hall of Representatives. The title comes a sentence from the speech’s introduction, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” which paraphrases a statement by Jesus in the New Testament.

    Ok now on with the show….
    It is the 21’st century NOW if you are reading this someone killed some trees or you probably can send a email. Back when the constitution was written direct government was not a option because of the difficulty it would present. But now clearly this is a piece of a sample of the US population that view the world differently from the rose tinted or $green tinted glasses of the representatives. Direct democracy is a option whats the problem?

    Do we stick our heads in the sand when another better option arises because it was done that way in the past.???

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