It’s the smell. Can you smell that smell?


As I indicated in my last post. This post will be a tour of the bullshit factory, and smell it does. In fact the absolute level of stink emanating from the bullshit industry brings tears to mine eyes.


How is it that this bullshit industry continues to grow worldwide even as it continues to stink the place up? It is because to the following type of people, bullshit smells like money. We get bullshit thrown at us by them, they get money!

A short but representative rogues gallery:

citizen murdoch


Bullshit industrialist in chief. Can we please get to the part in the movie where this ozzie wanker says “rosebud…”

billy o’beans


spokes moron emeritus. His act is getting a bit long o’tooth, ain’t it? How long can he continue to make the big bucks by farting out of his mouth? Can’t we just find him a nice retirement community? I can see him running around the assisted living facility now! “I used to be on TV ya know, really I was on TV, I had my own show!” The poetic justice will be that his fellow Alzheimer’s patients won’t believe him, because like everyone else they won’t remember him. He will be kept as out of touch with the world at large as he has always been out of touch with reality. His phone privileges will be revoked because of his repeated sex calls to the nurses station.



neo? con artist media whore. We continue to get the same old shit from her and her ilk. Neo my ass! In an effort to be fair and balanced and in the interest of full disclosure I must say that I fucked her and it was the worse sex of my life. She is a headless set of tits and ass and even the t&a is useless.

Well, I’m sure you can see I went way over the top in what I wrote above, didn’t I? I did it to prove a couple of points

  1. I am quite capable of street fight personal attacks both in writing and verbally. This stuff is all too easy to spew.
  2. There is an ongoing undercurrent of this kind of gutter brawl attack speak infecting our daily discourse and that infection is just as prevalent in the work of the fourth estate (main stream media) as it is in the work of the fifth estate ( such as blogs)

The effect of all this chest beating is the production of noise that drowns out the sound of any attempt to have a real debate on the real issues and problems facing we humans here at the beginning of the 21st century. I for one am sick of this bullshit. I stinks to high heaven and limits our ability to really build consensus within our people and government to move us positively into the future as a race of thinking, sensible beings. There are softer levels of bullshit which produce just as much useless noise.


While the very LIVES of our fellow human beings are snuffed out in Iraq, media outlets main stream and otherwise are wasting time and effort reporting on the court troubles of an heiress! WTF!?

While those now in office “negotiate” how to continue to allow our fellow humans in Iraq to die needlessly, we waste time discussing which of the handful of anointed ruling class candidates deserves a raise and promotion into the oval office. WTF!?

Resolved: Most of my fellow citizens are easily conned into inaction by bread and circus.

We as a nation are by all accounts more “educated” then ever before. More of us go to college and get degrees. How is it we can be so easily conned and robbed by the moneyed interests? Hey, is that a white tower I see on the horizon? That will be our next stop on my blog…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “It’s the smell. Can you smell that smell?”

  1. I think its funny main stream media covers easter egg coloring instead of usefull news! Talk about supressing the masses. I think next easter we should make some evil painted easter eggs let them turn green then go hunting for wabits.

  2. You’ve made some amazing points. The distraction tactics and BS is so much of what keeps the asses of the ‘elite’ covered and ours exposed. It’s terrifying the level of credibility that is given to the media, despite the obvious spin control. And the problem is that with alternate media, you must seek out discussions like these. For the first time in my life, I worry about who hears what I have to say about the government. We’re giving up our rights pretty easily, and our government is only a few steps left of secret police and detention centers.

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