The thin, cheap ivory veneer having peeled from the tower long ago…

The endless debate regarding education rages on and on and on and on. I have been hearing the contention that our education system has been failing for decades. There seems to be almost universal agreement on its failure. What has been the moot point is how to “fix” it. Who wins this weeks debate and thereby gets to set education policy is dictated by which bizarre ruling class cult holds power in washingtOOn as well as locally at the school board level.


Here’s a political equation that just didn’t add up:

Bought and prayed for bush crime family in power plus christian taliban fundamentalist religious fanatics seize control of local school board equals evolution out and “intelligent design” in. Even a bush anointed federal judge could see that two plus two does not equal holy trinity. Evolution back in! Darwin rules dude!

It goes even deeper than that. In the case of bush anointed AG go go gonzalez it has come to light that; a staffer in the justice department, a graduate of pat robertsons law school, was involved in personnel decisions regarding US attorneys. When the holy dung hit the ivory tower of babble she first threatened to invoke the fifth, and now after resigning has sought immunity in return for testimony. She thereby proves that she didn’t learn enough about the law at jesus u to avoid committing a federal crime herself.


Now it’s time to play what’s on ClapSo’s wish list!

I hope, probably in vain, that the rev. blowhard robertson replaces all his current lawyers with graduates of his own law school. I say in vain because billionaire jesus merchant robertson knows that if he hires his useless group of bible barristers the IRS will finally get him on tax evasion. I can see how that would lead to a glorious epiphany as pats jesus jd’s go from invoking the gospel to invoking the fifth. His “graduates” couldn’t litigate themselves out of a parking ticket! Brothers and sisters, can I get an A-MEN!

OK I’ve made short work of the easy intellectual targets. The grade z schools can’t even mount a credible defense. What about the ivy league? Here it comes kahn…

Resolved: our universities produce graduate product consistent with corporate requirements.

Case in point g’dubya bush. He was socially promoted from birth all the way through the social status producing ivy league system via legacy admission (rich dolt quota) and all the way up to his current infestation of the oval office. But he’s a failure you say? Yes, he is except from the perspective of the pig corporate rich. You know, his homies at exxon, ect. THEY are making more money then ever before. How about that dow, braking record after record. Happy days are here again, RIGHT?


The greatest beneficiaries of g’dubya’s otherwise failed policies are his self admitted “base” the economic elite. They are doing just fine, just fine indeed. These elites have great pull at our universities and their corporate funding of these institutions insures that the church of reason produces just the right type of graduate product to fit their needs.

What of the many young people of the poor and working class that attend college? A group of them wear the “boots on the ground in Iraq” we hear so much about. Having been seduced by the military requiters siren song “one weekend a month and two weeks a year to earn money for college” many of these former students turned soldier have seen two weeks a year turn into three tours in Iraq or worse, a quick trip home with parts missing or in a flag draped box.


One weekend a month my ass! Our young people are being turned into replaceable parts in the grand moneymaking weapons delivery machine called the military industrial complex. In the mean time the academic intelligentsia busy themselves with turning out the next batch of cannon fodder. Perhaps this will put some passion in their thus far juice less debate about this war.

I’m not betting on it. I don’t know why I waste the bandwidth. The high priests and priestesses of the church of reason are now too busy analyzing which celebdidate is gaining traction and momentum on the blood slicked inclined plane of our electoral system.

I almost pity this bunch running to replace the filth now in the oval office. Don’t they realize they are playing political spin the bottle and the “winner” will relieve the labushanostra kiss of death on inauguration day? With all this name dropping of ronnie raygun and slick willy clinton, the ex pres most likely to resemble the next pres is actually hurbet hoover. The next pres will most likely be locked in the oval office as the white house of cards comes tumbling down under the weight of the failed policies of the bush crime family exacerbated by the inertia provided by the radical moderate do too little, far too late agenda. Oh well, the republicrat/dempublicain spin doctors have already put in place the marching orders.

Hark! be that a brass band striking up a march? Hup two, three, four to my next shock and awe post…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 8, 2007.

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  1. Heh. Nice. I appreciate your comment about my better raid Good joke 🙂 Where does a bird go when it loses its tail? The retail store.

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