The world is full of THIEVES!


We have all heard the title of this post and I dare anyone to try and refute this obvious truth. Throughout human history, thievery has been the most profitable of human endeavors. This remains true today. The question all this thievery begs is, how does one tell who are the SUCCESSFUL THIEVES?

Resolved: one can easily identify the successful thieves because they have all the money and stuff!

In the old days the thieves had to go out into the night to waylay their victims. Then the kings of old figured out how to steal from their throned castles. These days the robber barons do their dirty work from the comfort of corner offices located atop great metropolitan skyscrapers. You know of whom I speak. It’s the corporateers! the kings of industry.



Poster child for the three techniques of corporateer self enrichment: lying, cheating and stealing!


The crooked e was the smoking gun kenny boy lay used in his larceny. One of the bullshits, er um bullets we his victims were shot with is called “fair value accounting.” In the real world, the dollar value of a business is ultimately set by what someone will pay for it. If a hot dog vendor went to a bank to borrow one billion dollars using his cart as collateral. The bank would surly deny the loan because the a hot dog cart just ain’t worth one billion! Using fair value accounting, the crooked e borrowed billions of dollars with a broken down hot dog cart as collateral. The rules that apply to the rest of us simply don’t apply to the corporateers!


Pictured here in a photo dated Jan. 3, 2001 are economic soul mates g’dubya and kenny boy.

When the crooked e hit the fan, the bullshit industry was quick to point out that “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch.” When worldcom, tyco and a host of others followed, this was changed to “a few bad apples…” I’ll tell you now, the whole damn corporate barrel is rotten! The same screwball business practices that kenny boy was using, continue to be used by other corporateers today. They also have plenty of other ammunition to use against us.

For the political and economic elite, enron and the others were a massive failure of the system they control. It wasn’t a failure because the corporateers were stealing. That’s just business as usual. From the perspective of the elite, it was a failure because their fellow racketeers got CAUGHT! But don’t worry, the bush crime family with the help of their fellow celebdidates in washingtOOn have been finding new and exciting legislative tricks to further legalize the corporateer larceny. The business end of the power elites sharp stick will also find new and exciting ways to steal while We The People will be sold this ongoing robbery, via the ad man’s expertise, as in our best interest! All we ever get out of this is poked and injured.

Is all of this leaving a sour taste in your mouth? I taste it too. From whence does this foul flavor come? That will be covered in my next post…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “The world is full of THIEVES!”

  1. Blog posts with forshadowing wow thats a neat addition you did it a bit. On a lighter blog post maby you could do the forshadowing as 2 questions like they did in rockie and bullwinkle.

    Theves are unknown unnamed and uncaught.

    I think the different people you mentioned above are clasified better under muggers.

  2. I have no idea and conception as to how these people can sleep at night.
    How much is enough and at what cost to your soul.

    How much money can one man spend in his lifetime…….

  3. Somebody once made the point that is a man stays home and his wife works and supports them both, he is a “bum,” but if a man sits in an airconditioned office while thousands of workers support his sorry ass with their sweat labor, he is called a CEO! Thievery is the right word.

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