The nasty aftertaste lingers…


For all we’re endlessly told about the glories of free market capitalism via the bullshit industry media outlets. Our economy is only capitalist when it’s convenient for the power elite. For all we’re told about how strong our democracy is. The moneyed interests have so subverted our electoral and economic systems, said systems are now nothing more the THEIR TOOLS to rob and enslave us. For all the insistence that the rich and powerful are “smarter and work harder” then the rest of us and they deserve the wealth and power they hold. Most of the elites have simply been socially promoted into the family business and with it inherited wealth.


Poster child for the idiot rich kids who are sociology promoted into positions of power and then proceed to con and rob us.

This election season our political republicrat/dempublican duopoly of a political system is in danger of becoming even more dynastic then ever before:


The lady in waiting who would be queen…

The presidential campaign is in full swing and let me warn you now. The crop of celebdidates being fielded by both the dems and repubs will not make any real changes from the oval office that matter to us. We will get lip service concerning issues we care about and policy promises that will never be made good. As always, the pig rich will be ever more enriched as the rest of us are pushed ever deeper into poverty. The power elite will be ever more empowered, as our civil liberties will be ever more abridged and subverted.


The “decider” came into power claiming to be a “compassionate conservative.” Is there anything of compassion in this war he dragged us into? Is there anything conservative about the largest expansion of the size of the federal government in US history or the massive budget deficit and national debt we are getting left with as the legacy of bush crime family rule?

The dems rolled into the house and senate several months ago because WE THE PEOPLE want them to end the war. What did we get? The claim that the dems won because of the 100 hours of mediocrity agenda. That claim fell on it’s fat ass after We The People gave that too little too late bullshit agenda a one handed golf clap. Then we got “non binding resolutions” which turned into “negotiation” about how the power elite will go about funding this failed war by wasting more of OUR money to continue it. WTF!?

Resolved: we live in a lemon socialist state.

Lemon socialism: a political economy in which the profits are privatized into the too few hands of the pig rich corporateers, while the risks and costs are socialized by being dumped on the rest of us.

They dump their lemons on us, we make lemonade, they STEAL our lemonade leaving us with nothing but the bitter pith. No wonder my lips pucker every time I think about what goes on in washingtOOn…

According to the stats provided me by wordpress, this blog has a growing readership. At the end of my first full week, I would like to thank you all for taking the time from your busy day to read this blog. I hope you will continue to find this daily expression of my thoughts about our world of interest, and more of you will comment on these posts in order to get a discussion going. I will be going to an evening edition (posting time 6pm eastern time), Monday through Friday schedule. I may on occasion also do weekend special editions. This and other info can be found by clicking the newly added About button under the Blogroll heading on the upper right side of any page on his blog.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “The nasty aftertaste lingers…”

  1. I throw down the gauntlet author if your reading this! I want to hear why not direct government interaction rather than a representation.

    I question if they give us uncivil liberty isn’t the best way to fight back to put them under survalence to the point that they feel that their having a proctocolonoscopy and its beeing streamed over the net across the world and saved on other country servers.

    Sorry if my comment on giving them a proctocolonoscopy gave you a bad taste in your mouth but I think it is time to debate this.

  2. ClapSo replies to Josh:

    Oh great and powerful Ubergeek, If you mean participatory democracy vs. representative duoply there can be no real debate between us. We both would prefer to move to the former and away from the latter.

    As to putting the power elite under surveillance, that is something we the people are charged with. We are supposed to be assisted by the 4th estate. The rise of the 5th estate is due in part with the dissatisfaction many of us feel with the 4th. I’m a watchin’ as hard as I can…

    If you can use your Ubergeek superpowers to come up with other ways to watch them, that would be bitchin’!

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