To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw, THAT is the Question…


For all the jabbering of the bullshit industry talking heads, there is little real debate in regard to the ongoing war about the simple choice the title of this post offers. What the forth estate employees of the bullshit industry continue to feed us is the false choice between the republicrats or the dempublicains taking points. I can’t say this enough: The dems and repubs AGREE to continue this war and are now simply negotiating what can be SAID in the supplemental bill that will continue the war indefinitely. From the true right we get the contention that we must continue to fight this war until we win. There have now been so many definitions of winning from the bush crime family, I’m not sure what winning this war means anymore. From the true left we get the contention that this war is lost and we should withdraw. I find both of these to be arguable main claims and both deserve a place in the debate concerning this war. So long as the definition of winning will be made clear by the true right. A very big “if” at this late date! Unfortunately the smoke screen, over complicated, false debate is now being driven by the wishy washy radical moderate centrists. Their contention is we need continue this war until we get a tie. I believe that said tie would be the worst of both worlds. It would simply doom an unknown number of our young people in uniform to years of stationing overseas away from their homes and loved ones. It would also require the US taxpayers to foot the bill to the tune of billions of dollars that would be better spent at home. I hope you are sitting down for this next part. It may come as a shock!

Resolved: as relates to the current war, at this point a loss would be better then either a tie or a win.

WTF!? Calm down I’ll explain. The proof of any policy pudding is in the eating. That eating is the OUTCOME of any given policy. For all the saying of the sooth given us by the various members of the windbag “expert” class. It should be quite clear to all that their crystal ball is chipped, scratched and useless. “We will be welcomed as liberators by the Iraqis.” “The elections in Iraq will produce a stable democracy in the middle east.” So much for their ability to predict outcomes from the policy in Iraq! I will now use the perfect 20/20 of hindsight to prove my point.


WW2 was a war we won. The axis powers were defeated. End of war. The only fly in this ointment is the inexplicable continuation of military subsidy to europe by the US taxpayers via over sixty years of US bases still operating in europe. If we won, we should close our bases and bring our young people in uniform home. Not continue to waste our treasure in subsidy of rich countries in europe. They need provide for their own security. We are wasting our money on these bases. If this over 60 years of military give away packages are what we wind up with when we win, I’d rather lose. I don’t wanna hear any of that “American historic commitment” bullshit. Just recently g’dubya ended an American historic commitment by withdrawing the US from the ABM treaty. If that idiot in the oval office can end a historic commitment that was saving us money, then there should be no problem ending such a commitment that wastes our money!

The tie is korea. The north and south have been at war for over fifty years! They never ended their war and have not even tried to come to a peace treaty since signing the cease fire over fifty years ago. We have been spending billions and billions of dollars to keep fifty to one hundred thousand of our young people in uniform on the 38th parallel. What do we get as thanks from our “friends” in south korea? The demand that the US sign a so called “free trade” deal in which the south koreans get to flood our markets with their products as they continue to stop our products from having a chance at fair competition in their markets. Add to this the latest “protection racket” game the north is playing with us regarding their nuclear program and how much in taxpayer funded payoff money we keep shipping to them, and it’s easy to see why a tie is worse then either a win or a loss. It’s time for the US to withdraw our troops from korea and let the koreans decide for themselves how they will resolve their stinking 50 year old war.

The loss is Viet Nam. We lost. We withdrew our troops. Viet Nam now lives in peace with it’s neighbors and has been a problem to no one. All this without years of US military forces on the ground there. We have spent exactly zero US military dollars there, and there is peace there. GET IT?

I now argue, and will continue to argue that it’s time to end our involvement in the military matters of other countries and we then won’t get involved in any more damn wars to begin with. Why is it the US keeps making the same mistake and finds itself in disastrous military actions all over the world? For the answer you’ll have to wait for my next peace through peace post…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 14, 2007.

One Response to “To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw, THAT is the Question…”

  1. *Clap Clap Clap* this is the loudest I can clap I am in the library but nice work well put and soo clear even a republican would be stuttering and having trouble staging a argument. Internet Debate! You need to find the republicans to come and rip em apart on internet radio like a lion from the time of the gladiators. People liked that back then and its still entertaining now.

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