The title of this post is where We The People must take our country. We must DEMAND our leaders demilitarize our foreign policy!

Resolved: the US should close all foreign military bases and withdraw all US military personnel back to US soil!

The strategy called “forward basing” has been repeatedly sold to us with the contention “the best defense is a good offense.” This “good offense” has completely failed to defend us.



Nuff said!

We must completely redefine the mission of our military away from offensive, to truly defensive. By bringing our young people home, we give them a better quality of life and make military service the type of good career choice it should be. As it stands, I would not suggest any young person commit themselves to such a career. The pay sucks, you can be sent away from your home and family for long periods of time and you risk getting killed or injured. I offer the following as ways to add reasonable citizen level checks and balances to the US governments war powers. For the reasons I argue these checks and balances are needed, please see my last post titled “Peace through Peace.”

The draft should be fully reinstated, with the following innovations: Woman as well as men will be eligible for the draft. Upon reaching draft age all those eligible for the draft will receive a selective service/special referendum voter registration card. Said special referendum will be triggered and a vote taken any time the US government decides to take military action. The vote will be limited to those of military age. It’s about time the people who are required to rick life and limb have the final say in whether military action will take place. The result of this referendum will be fully binding and final. If the majority of referendum voters vote against the planned military action. End of story, permission denied, no such action may take place. If the majority of referendum voters agree that the action should take place, all eligible voters will then fall into three groups. Group A will be all those who voted for the military action. They will be immediately drafted and required to report for basic training. Upon completion of their training they will immediately be transported to the location of the military action to fight side by side with the members of the standing army already in action. Group B will be those who did not vote. They will be the next group required to report for training, and should there be a need for additional “boots on the ground” they will be the ones sent to fill those boots. Group C will be made up of those that voted against the military action. They will be exempt from service in the military action, but should any of them have a change of heart concerning the action, they will be able to volunteer to join the glorious war effort at any time. The government will have more then ample opportunity to convince them to volunteer.

In order to add some transparency and fiscal responsibility to military spending, we must remove such spending from “the general fund” and instead create a single government account from which ALL military spending will be drawn. This account will be primarily funded by a new withholding line on wage earners check stubs. Much like the withholding line for FICA which pays for Social Security and Medicare. The rate of taxation this withholding line will represent will be set in stone for the duration of the fiscal year and be determined by the actual amount budgeted for that fiscal year. ANY required additional military spending in a given fiscal year, such as a special referendum approved military action, will be funded by a special corporate income tax levy which will be charged at a level sufficient to cover the short fall. This special corporate income tax will also be available as an alternative funding source to the withholding taxation at the time a fiscal year budget is drawn up. This will put an end to deficit spending such we have seen in the present conflict and spread the pain of paying for the military to the pig rich. Gone will be the days when the poor and working people are required to shoulder the financial burden of military spending and risk the death and injury of their young people while the pig rich become ever richer due to their war profiteering!

My next post will tackle the 1000 pound gorilla pig rich are now using to beat the hell out of the rest of us. GLOBALIZATION!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “US out of EVERYWHERE!”

  1. I agree with a lot of it. I’ve flirted with the idea of a referendum before, and while I like the idea in concept, I don’t think it would work well in execution. I still agree with the constitution that war powers should be shared between the executive and legislative with complete oversight. I think the referendum issue would get cluttered with determining who decides if a possible conflict gets to the point where it would come to a vote, who decides what country to go to war against, etc. I also could see a situation where the older people are the ones who vote for the war, the younger people vote against, war wins, and we’re left with an army of geriatrics. Funny, I know, but I just don’t see that idea working. However, the rest of the piece is spot on.

  2. Only the people of draft age at the time of the vote can vote. Once you are too old to serve, your voting days are over. Elected officials would still have the war powers granted them in the constitution. But the referendum would give those who would fight and die a veto should they vote no.

    Thanks for the input brad.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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