The Race to the Bottom…


The problem with globalization is what is being expanded and globalized and what is staying small and localized. The transnational mega corporations are going global and are growing in size and scope. This growth is being allowed to run unchecked. There are those in politics that have made careers by calling for “smaller government” and “deregulating and freeing the private sector.” They have been successful in “deregulating” and every time they do all the rest of us pay the price. It has gotten to the point that these companies can now act, whether for good or ill, without any one, or even several, governments being strong enough to challenge them. We must find ways to globalize and thereby strengthen the social and political sectors of our society if we have any hope for future improvement of our lot.

Resolved: our social organizations have been a failure!


The woman’s movement has failed to secure equal pay for woman. There is still a glass ceiling. The ERA was never signed into law. Poor and working class woman are now forced to work outside the home, even if they would prefer to stay at home and raise their children. Using simple supply and demand, what has happened to pay rates since we doubled the number of people employed? Pay has been substantially reduced! Even the right to choose, once considered the greatest success of the woman’s movement, has been weakened and is now under threat of being revoked.

The civil rights movement has not put a dent in the high percentage of minority group members that are unemployed, in jail, and high school drop outs with little hope for their future. Here at the beginning of the twenty first century, gay Americans are still refused the right to marry. The bush crime family has revoked our right to habeas corpus and ignored our privacy rights with warrant less spying. The right to free speech is under assault by so many interest groups it’s now impossible to have a conversation without some fool trying to insist HOW one should properly use the gender/racial/religious neutral correct speak of the moment. This simply dumbs down WHAT issues are being discussed and the conversation degenerates into an argument over which words are on the “approved usage list” and which ain’t!

The labor movement has seen declining membership for decades and is in danger of disappearing all together. The most destructive assault on the labor movement in history was signed into law by that useless dem slick willy clinton. It’s called NAFTA! The current dem controlled house and senate is rushing to push through 4 brand spanking new “free trade agreements” and thereby hammer several more nails into the coffin of the labor movement. What happened to the dems promise to move to “fair trade?” It was forgotten right after the last election.

The environmental movement has been unable to stem the death of our reefs and oceans. The number and amount of chemical pollutants in our air, water, and food supply have increased in the period they have been most active. The sierra club is accepting your penance via check, money order, or credit card. For the sin of driving your urban assault vehicle SUV to the health food store!

Why have these social movements failed? It is in large part due to the fact that their plans to effect change and improve our world are based on the fool’s hope: Support the dems and when they get in power they will take care of it. Again and again the dems get in with money and votes supplied by the above movements and still the problems addressed by these movements get little, if any improvement via actions by the dems. We then hear that the repubs are worse, but I fail to see how the too little too late radical moderate agenda the dems foist on us is really any better.

That brings us to the political sector. That sector deserves a post all to itself and will be covered by me next…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




~ by ClapSo on May 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Race to the Bottom…”

  1. It’s sad to say but I thing certain social issues get ignored for two reasons:

    1) Only the profitable issue rises to the top and become the norm. Hence our destruction to he plant. Oil, gas and mining are very profitable to the corporate and political elite;

    2) Social issues such as gay rights, civil right, the labor movement and the environment are all issues that require thought and the human element of right and wrong. There is no financial gain in these issues for the power groups.

    We have set aside to the power of thought and problem solving, which we have substituted it with the power of the dollar.

    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Globalisation can;t that level the playing field if people didn’t have so many kids and increase the value of a person in the future?

    Low birth rates can actually shake japans economy.

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