The Power Elite Fiddle, While Our Democracy BURNS…


It is clear that Thomas Jefferson was right when he repeatedly warned about 200 years ago, that the growing power of the moneyed corporations were a threat to our democracy. They have now grown so large and powerful that the government and the corporations have become as one. This is evidenced by how easily the members of the ruling class now go from being corporateers, to celebdidates, to elected mismanagers of our failing government and back again. The only two things that change for these elites is the location of their offices and what government/corporate logo is placed on their office doors. They just as greedily suck our blood no matter where they hold court.

Resolved: the failure of our government has allowed the corporate economic globalization to cause our government to continue to fail us even as the transnationals continue to grow is scope and power.


At the risk of being labeled chicken little, I MUST TELL YOU THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE SKY IS FALLING! It truly is. The continued granting of HUMAN RIGHTS to nonhuman corporations is what will be our downfall. As I write this, corporations now have the self same HUMAN rights as you, me and every other citizen in our nation save one, they lack the right to vote. They don’t need that one because they simply buy YOUR VOTES. They do so by using a kickback scheme called campaign contributions. These bribes are then used by the celebdidates to purchase that rankest of bullshit industry bowel movements, the campaign commercial. These 30 or 60 second piles of dung are beamed at us 24/7 right up to election day. They are used to con us that the latest flavorless, colorless, walking cadaver celebdidates are going to breath fresh life into our democracy and make our government work for our best interests, and all evidence to the contrary far to many of us fall for this again and gain. Human rights should be reserved for humans, not paperwork created entities like corporations! The failure of our government to block or remove these rights from corporations is a MAJOR PROBLEM FACING US!

Year after year, our lot grows ever smaller and sparser. More and more of our fellow citizens are living in poverty as the repulicrats and dempublicans continue the economic land grab. More and more of our once commonly held acreage is robbed from us in order that the power elite landed gentry may cultivate ever larger forests of money trees. These malevolent arboreal nightmares are planted with campaign contribution seed money. Theirs are the roots of permanent war economy profiteers like hell-o-burton and black-war-tar. The whole stinking jungle is irrigated with the blood of our young people in uniform. In such downpours as WW2, Korea, Viet Nam,and now in Iraq. Not to mention, the lesser military action rainy days in between.

What then happens when the orchards of death bloom and bring forth the fruit of the almighty dollar? We peasants, the breeders of cannon fodder, are denied entrance to the gated community of the power elite. We instead are presented the bill and expected to pay in what little treasure we have for the costs associated with what the power elite have sown.

If you are asked by a pollster will you vote dem or repub. Tell em neither! If you are given a list of dem or repub celebdidates and asked to chose SAY NONE OF THE ABOVE! Look instead to third party candidates and have one name ready should you be asked who you will vote for. If they give you any garbage tell em you’re disgusted with both the repubs and the dems. After decades of the repubs and dems taking turns screwing us again and again, you ALL should be sick of them. If you wish a better life for your children and grand children, come election day, pull the lever for anyone but a dem or repub. FOR THE CHILDREN, LETS DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

Things are developing very quickly on several important issues. As a result I can’t say what I will be covering in Mondays post. I will be spending the weekend sequestered in ClapSotronics anti-corporate HQ sifting through the pile of bat guano that contains the reports of silly celebdidate theme music surveys and nauseating memorials to a bloated christian taliban televangelist who out lived his usefulness back in 1952, in an effort to find the one or two diamonds of hard news buried in all the shit.

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~ by ClapSo on May 18, 2007.

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