Don’t be fooled again!


I have been warning people for decades about the failure of the republicrat/dempublican controlled political system. Both these parties are the cause of our political systems failure. While We The People are unified in our demand that the war be ended. The dems and repubs are unified that they will continue to fund it. While We The People are unified in our demand that our disgraceful failure of a health care system be reformed, the dems and repubs argue over global warming.

Resolved: any time We The People reach national consensus regarding an issue, if the interests of the power elite are not served by what We The People demand, they simply ignore us and go on to something else.



Lady who does lunch

There were, and still are, those (not me!) that insisted/insist that the way to stop the war was/is to elect the dems. They were elected last year and now hold power in both the house and senate. What did their fearless leader do first thing? She announced that “impeachment is off the table” WTF!? What have she and the dems done since? The war rages on so they have done NOTHING about that. There hasn’t been any movement on the health care issue. They continue to move toward funding the war both in a supplemental and in the upcoming FY2008 budget. They have struck some sleazy back room deal on 4 “free trade” deals with the bush crime family. What is pelosimister’s latest bold political move? She has dropped a global warming question on Yahoo answers! WTF!? They are now trying to use their failure to DO anything to improve our lot as a reason why we should vote in even more of their useless lot come future elections. A pox on both their houses! Out with BOTH the dems and repubs!

If you ask any of the elected officials in washingtOOn about the war here are the answers you get:

So called right winger: “support the troops”

So called left winger: “end global warming”

Radical moderates: “supporting the troops will end global warming”


Although we have MANY problems facing us, forgive me but I must say the two biggest are ending this damn war and bringing the health care crisis to an end. Once we do these two things we can use the money thus saved in our federal budget to resolve a whole host of other problems. Instead of wasting trillions on this war and our failed health care system.

The war profiteers like hell-o-burton and black-war-tar and the disease profiteers like the hmos and drug companies will not go down without a fight. They will spend big bucks to make sure the status quo of war and disease continues to make them ever richer.

Our only hope for change is that We The People focus on these two REALLY big problems and demand the celebdidates running for office make them our national priority. These two budget busters will make it impossible to do ANYTHING else so long as we continue to waste our treasure on them.

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board have been chirping away about how I need cover the health care issue. This leaves me the choice of stomping them all dead like the bugs they are, or covering this issue. I will be covering the issue in tomorrow’s post. As annoying as those beetles are, I’ve grown rather fond of them…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Don’t be fooled again!”

  1. Believe me, I understand your frustrations you lay out in this post! What I’m seeing is the House Judiciary Committee going after Karl Rove via Gonzales and as we all know…all roads lead to Rove! I think this is the strategy the democrats are using. They know impeachment of Bush & Cheney will never get through the Senate, so they’re focusing on the underlings instead and are going to go for the gold…Rove. With Rove being forced to resign will cause our nation to cheer and it will have an adverse affect on Georgie. Going after Gonzales is also key. Monica Goodling is going to testify this week and I’m hoping she tells one truth: Gonzo & Rove were the ones that met and decided on who put the US Attorneys on the list. Once Rove is named it will open up the much larger crime of election fraud! Believe me, have some patience. I know it isn’t easy because we all want to see Bush & Cheney rot in hell. Cutting off the Rove tail will make the White House bleed to death!


  2. celebdidates I love the word can you put it in the wikipedia? CHIRP CHIRP tick tock this robotic cricket will continue to chip with happiness when clapso posts again. Google direct democracy and tech you will find a interesting wired magazine article on it. Also the direct democracy portal at source forge called edemocrazy notice the name quite well put. Is something that makes me want to put on my cyber hat and jump in the portal.

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