The Deadly Commerce of the Disease Merchants.


Anyone who doesn’t believe that health care in the US is too expensive for many individuals to afford. Who doesn’t believe too many people are without health insurance in the US. That instead believes the US health care system is “the best in the world” should not bother to read any further. In fact it would surprise me that anyone that doesn’t understand that our health care system is failing can read at all! In any case, if you’re one of the people that thinks the current US health care system is peachy keen, you should be reading one of those blogs that tries to prove evolution is wrong and “intelligent design” is right. Don’t bother reading the rest of this post, I won’t waste my time trying to prove what most of us already know:

Resolved: our health care system needs major reform, and right now.

The rest of this post will be about what would be the best way to reform it. I support a one payer government run system. I’m not alone, in agreement with me is the organization known as Physicians for a National Health Program

The bill that would make this a reality is called the National Health Insurance Act H.R.676

This bill is also called the Medicare for ALL act. You see we now have a national, government run health care program. Several actually. There is Medicare, that now only covers the old, and these are the people who require the most health care. The way it’s set up now, it’s a real sweet deal for the private insurers. The government pays the medical bills for those that need the most care. These are exactly the kind of people the private insurers don’t want to cover. Those that require the insurer to pay out for services. The other big government health care program is called Medicaid. That program covers another group the private insurers don’t want to be bothered with. Those of us too poor to pay for health insurance. You can be sure the private insurers don’t want people that can’t pay! Who do the private insurers want to cover? Those that can pay the ever rising premiums and stay healthy so the private insurers never have to pay out! Let me recap in case you missed it. In our present failure of a system, the government insures those that need the most care and those too poor to pay. Is it any wonder that the private insurers make such huge profits that they give their executives hundreds of billions of dollars in pay and bonuses every year? The private insurers spend an average of one third of their income on administrative overhead. The Medicare program spends about one twentieth of it’s income on overhead. Moving to a Medicare for ALL system would free up over $350 billion per year, enough to provide comprehensive, high-quality coverage for ALL of us.

But wait, it gets even better! Besides the private insurance bloodsuckers, there is another group of leaches drinking of our health care blood. That’s the drug companies. They charge twice as much and sometimes more for a drug here in the US then they charge in say, Canada. That’s because Canada has that evil one payer health care plan we hear so much about from the bullshit industry talking heads (more on that in a bit). The nice thing about a single payer plan is the single payer sets the price! So much for the private sector being more cost efficient! The next time you take little Johny or little Suzy to the doctor and you have to pay $50 for a prescription, remember that people all over the world are paying $20 for the same drug. And if they have a really good plan they are only paying $5 or even nothing out of pocket. That’s because every other country has a national health care program. By cutting what the drug companies rob from the system in half, we free up EVEN MORE MONEY to provide us with health care!

Much has been said by the bullshit industry about the failure of the Canadian system. What you never hear is why. We in the US currently spend $7,129 per capita on health care. Canada spends one half that, $3,565 per capita. The Canadian system is grossly UNDERFUNDED, that’s why it has problems.

Here’s an example of how the bullshit industry cons many people into believing that a national one payer system won’t work:

Recently automaker GM announced it was cutting it’s employee health program (except for the executives who always had and continue to get a better health care plan then the line workers ever had) because they “couldn’t compete with KOREAN and JAPANESE COMPANIES THAT PAY FAR LESS FOR EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE.” What did the talking heads then conclude? That we didn’t need a failed “socialized” health care system like they have in CANADA. Did they mention that Canada’s system is underfunded? Nope! Did they mention that JAPAN AND KOREA have “socialized” health care and that is why companies in those countries PAY LESS FOR EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS THEY DIDN’T!!!! Did they mention that the hmos promised to LOWER health care costs back in the 1970’s by bringing “competition via the free market” and that health care costs have SKYROCKETED ever since? Nope! Did they mention that private insurers bribed our elected officials into adding the private insurers into both Medicare and Medicaid with the promise that the self same “competition via the free market” would LOWER the cost of these government programs and that those costs have SKYROCKETED ever since? Nope! Enough of this “free market” bullshit! It hasn’t worked!

Now I get to what, for me would be the REALLY good part of a true Medicare for ALL health care plan. If it truly covers everyone, including the prez, congress, governors, and all the other elected officials. If it also covers corporate executives and management types. If it covers reporters and TV talking heads and there is NO OTHER HEALTH CARE INSURANCE. You can bet your sweet bippy that it will be THE BEST DAMN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD!

Let me sum this up for you. If you think the present health care system works as it leaves 46 million people, most of them children, without health coverage and millions more inadequately covered, you are quite frankly an idiot. If you believe the bullshit industry nonsense that a sane program like Medicare for ALL will be too expensive, you’re not smart enough to be called an idiot!

MEDICARE FOR ALL!!!! And I mean RIGHT NOW dammit! Nuff said.

If you would like to see a website that uses biting satire to teach about our failing health care system, please click the button labeled “bonkers institute” located under the heading blogroll. The owner of that website is a well known activist who has in past suffered from our failed health care system and is now involved in several court cases in an effort to make positive changes happen. The website is also funny as all get go!

You may also have noticed that there are two RSS feeds on the sidebar to your right. These are blogs I read everyday. I include them so you may check them out if you wish. I find them both very well written and informative.

When I awoke this mourning, the telepathic crickets were marching in a circle on my desk. They were carrying little signs that read ON STRIKE! They were DEMANDING an immediate 10% increase in pay. I immediately made a counter offer of a 20% increase in their present pay. You see, since they and I make $0.00 per hour it didn’t matter if it was 10% or 20% of zero, we are still getting paid zero. Anyway, they were please and started with their endless and annoying editorial board chirping, so things are back to normal. However, their little job action got me to thinking about the minimum wage. Which is what I’ll be covering in my next ClapSoRIFIC post….

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




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  1. Wow I can not believe their was no feedback on this its important as the sugar is poured in every food and our teath rot out and dentists are still over charging for midevil tourchure devices.

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