Power to the Purchaser!


It should be clear to everyone that our political economy is a disaster. There are a huge number of main stream econowackos that have been selling us this failure as success. They blather on and on about supply and demand. They come up with ever more bizarre explanations for why the rich should get ever richer and the poor should die in poverty. ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT!

Resolved: Our US economy is a FAILURE!


The number of people living in poverty is on the increase as the number of rich pig billionaires is on the increase. I for one would give up having ANY billionaires in order to raise the income of the poor to a living level. Anyone that would argue against this simple fairness is an idiot. Why do we allow the pig rich corporateers to suck our economic blood? Beats me, e must be stupid!

The number of people without health insurance is increasing as the pay and bonus packages of insurance company executives are skyrocketing.

I previous posts I argued for an increased min.wage and national health care. In this post I want to take it one step further. I want to propose the next evolutionary economic step. That is to move our economy to one based on fair rules for a minimum income and a maximum income. I can hear the econowackos and other apologists for the failed system cranking up their usual whine: “are you talking about REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH!?” NO I’M NOT. I’m talking about distributing it fairly in the first place! The present economic system is simply unfair. The way it fails to work now, we all are involed in the production of wealth, but the richest 5% suck our economy dry of 95% of the wealth we create.

I call for maximum yearly personal income to be set at 1 million dollars (in constant 2007 dollars adjusted for inflation). Any personal yearly income above 1 million dollars will be 100% taxable. I know it will be very hard for the pig rich to make ends meet on $1,000,000 dollars a year, but we all have to make sacrifices in order to fix our failed economic system. All personal yearly income below $30,000 (in constant 2007 dollars adjusted for inflation) will be exempt from income tax. All inherited wealth over 1 million dollars will be taxed at 100% any inheritance below 1 million dollars will be exempt from taxation.

I call for a minimum yearly income of $20,000. All US citizens over the age of 18 will be provided that minimum income on a prorated basis.

The system for doing that will be created thusly: All current social welfare(TANF, food stamps, ect.) programs will be consolidated into the social security program. Our current social security cards will be replaced with debit cards. All personal weekly income from all sources (including paychecks) will be paid to this account. The minimum weekly income of all US citizens will be set at about $385 per week. Any week in which a citizens income falls below that amount, a prorated payment will be added to their account that week to bring weekly income up to the minimum automatically.

All US citizens who are high school graduates (even if they graduate younger then the 18 YO age limit set above at the time of college enrollment) will receive full payment of tuition, books and fees payed directly to the college they are enrolled at, as well as the addition of the weekly minimum income so long as they are enrolled in an accredited degree producing program and are in good standing at said college.

I realize that this is all quite a bit to take in one bite. So I will be continuing to cover this issue in my next post. The telepathic crickets are thrilled with this idea because they have sobered up and now realize they are getting paid zero and think they will receive the min. weekly income. What they still haven’t figured out is that they are crickets and are not considered citizens. So they will continue to be paid zero hehehe. Stupid crickets.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on May 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Power to the Purchaser!”

  1. I couldn’t help but notice your economic plan did not address prices. Are we to assume that with a minimum guaranteed income of $20,000 a year and a maximum income of $1,000,000 a year, that prices will remain stable?

    You may not like the law of supply and demand but it is as real as laws of gravity. It can not be changed. When the supply of money becomes geater than the wealth it produces, the value of that money decreses….inflation. It takes more dollars to buy the same goods or services.

    I assure you that prices will rise to a level equal to the labor and capital expended to produce that product or service. In other words, $20,000 a year will buy no more than what it did before that guaranteed income.

    And yes it is redistibution of wealth. You’re taking money from someone who earned more to give to someone who earned less. How is that FAIR? If I work hard and buy two cars, and you have none, should I be forced to give you one of my cars to be fair?

    In this country we define fair as equal opportunity. You and I have equal opportunites to pursue wealth. One of us however, will have more than the other for various reasons. One of us may work harder than the other, one of us may be blessed with superior skills, one of us may have more education than the other, one of us may save and invest more wisely than the other, and on and on.

    Taxation is the government’s claim on private property. If taxes were 100%, there would be no private property and we’d be nothing more than serfs. The Constitution grants Congress the authority to lay and collect taxes for the 19 enumerated functions like providing for the common defense, coinage of money, eastablishment of post offices and courts. More importantly, one American, or group of Americans, does not have the right to use Congress to force one American to toil for another’s benefit.

    If the framers of the Constitution had wanted income and wealth to be fair, they would written that Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes to provide for all those things Americans would like to have but are unable or unwiulling to work and pay for. They didn’t.

  2. ClapSo responds to davidonline:

    Are you arguing that prices have EVER been stable? I see nothing of stability, unless you mean by stability prices currently rise and wages stagnate and even reduce.

    Have you seen gas prices lately? These price increases are produced because the oil companies are manipulating what you claim to be a law. They have an anti-gravity device called engineered production constriction.

    You seem to claim to know something about economics. I mention repeatedly that my dollar figures will be in constant 2007 dollars adjusted for inflation. If I did not make clear that all dollar figure are indexed to inflation and therefore rise as needed, my bad.

    My plan would get rid of redundant government and corporate bureaucracies. Add my national health care plan which has the same effect, and the savings thus gained would produce more then enough to pay the min. income. Add the demand produced by the people now living in poverty having a living income and you will get the biggest increase in hiring is US history.

    Let me tell you the most important thing that main stream econowackos ever say. “All things being equal.” In economics, all things are NEVER equal! My plan allows for inequality (personal income between $20,000 and 1,000,000) and yet establishes a level of FAIRNESS now lacking.

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