The dems Drink the Cool Aid, AGAIN!


Due to the useless dems proving themselves to be in cahoots with the bush crime family YET AGAIN by continuing to fund the war. I have decided to postpone the second part of my report on Min./Max. income. I will post that on Monday…

Resolved: The dems and repubs have no intention of ending this war!

To all those who insisted last year that we should vote the dems in and they would stop the war. I can only say I TOLD YOU SO! I knew those bastards would continue this war, I just knew it. Wanna know how I knew? Those dem bastards voted to authorize this disaster of a war in the first place!

To those that say they are “caving in to bush” I say BULLSHIT! They had no intention of taking that idiot on! If they wanted to go after him, they would have done so in January last. They would have submitted the articles of impeachment and been done with bush and his crime family in short shift. This is what the dems PLANED to do all along: Continue this bloody war! They never had an EXIT STRATEGY any more then the repubs do. BOTH THE REPUBS AND DEMS HAVE ONLY A CONTINUATION STRATEGY THEY HOLD IN COMMON!

Congress need only have enough votes TO SPEND MONEY. In order to NOT SPEND MONEY they need not one vote! The dems only needed to prevent a bill containing war spending from coming to the floor for a vote. Bills are killed EVERYDAY in this way. Even if the bill were forced to the floor. The senate dems could have filibustered this war spending bill. There need be only 41 votes to sustain a filibuster. The dems have more then that number of seats in the senate.

It really is time for you all to WAKE UP. This bill that continues to fund the war without limit is the smell of your coffee! The useless dems are now mumbling about September. They are claiming they are going to stop the war by using the FY2008 budget in September. How much you wanna bet we get a repeat of of this veto/”we don’t have the votes”/continue to fund the war dance. Face it, the only way we’ll ever end this war is to start saying we will vote for third parties in upcoming elections. Time to sweep BOTH PRO-WAR PARTIES OUT OF POWER!

The telepathic crickets and I will be attending several anti-war protests this weekend. We have been attending such events since before the first boot hit the ground and will continue to do so UNTIL THE LAST BOOT HITS US SOIL! If you have not been attending these protests, now would be a good time to start!

I will be posting the first in a monthly series starting tomorrow. This series will always be posted on the last Saturday of the month. I hope you enjoy the first edition…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




~ by ClapSo on May 25, 2007.

One Response to “The dems Drink the Cool Aid, AGAIN!”

  1. I’m no more surprised than you are. Combine a) a lack of a plan to end the war, b) general political incompetence by the Donkeys, c) an unspoken desire to keep the war out there as a strong issue for the ’08 campaign, and d) a DLC-driven don’t-make-waves strategy that prompted them to vote for the war in the first place, and you get a party that won’t represent an anti-war constituency. Seriously, how did the Dems go from winning in ’06 on exactly ONE issue — the WAR — to being on the defensive for being anti-war? In 6 months? It’s like they’re trying to be the minority party again.

    Don’t mean to pimp a candidate, but does anyone other than Biden have the brains to create a solution that both gets us out AND leaves a structure in place that has even half a chance of stability? There’s 17 other announced candidates and none of them has a real clue.

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