The telepathic crickets on the editorial board have been giving me hell about not finishing the min./max income report I started last week. I’m just too pissed off about this latest failure by the dems to stop this war. I’m also tired of hearing the idiots who apologize for such failure. The truth is, the dems  have enough power to stop this war, they want to continue it. Anyone  that claims to be against this war and for the dems is a fool. THE DEMS AND REPUBS ARE IN CAHOOTS!

If one more idiot sends me an email telling me that I should gives the dems “more time” while my son and the sons and daughters of other poor and working class people are in harms way.  They can expect a full blown shredding as they have been getting. They have no reason to whine that I am being too aggressive in my demand that this war be stopped. They have no claim that the dems have any plan whatever to stop this mass murder that has been going on for over 4 years.

Resolved: the idiots that claimed last year that by electing the dems, we would stop this war should admit they were wrong and MoveOver and out of the way.


There is no party in washingtOOn, not the dems not the repubs, willing to do what it takes to stop this war. The worthless scumbags with D’s next to their names have continued to fund the war. They will continue to fund the war in he FY2008 budget and NO MATTER HOW MANY OF THESE WORTHLESS SCUMBAGS YOU IDIOT APOLOGISTS INSTALL VIA VOTE, THEY WILL NOT STOP THIS WAR!

What we have to do is get rid of enough of the dems and repubs to shift the balance of power away from them. There is only one way to do that. We have to abandon the dems as the useless failure of a party it is. We have to TRULY MOVE THE FUCK ON to third party candidates. Don’t bother to send me anymore foolish claims that the dems have a plan to end the war.

Something is up with the image library on my site. All my images have disappeared from it. I’ll have to contact wordpress about that. I’m too pissed of to deal with it now so will forgo the usual sig for this post.

~ by ClapSo on May 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “WTF!?”

  1. I wish to share my idea for a third party…
    I call them the Gears….
    1.all documents written by any member of the goverment will be stored on clustered centeralised servers open to all. FOIA is outdated and unnecessary just give it to the people.
    2.all news will have the confidence interval connected to its claims.
    3.wikis will be connected to news to unite the news and the people.
    4.paper trails will be printed to optical discs
    5.government will be direct from the people connected by libraries to allow for direct representation of the individual.

    rather than war I would like to see…
    our technology and resources used to help the people of the world…
    if people say we have to stay in a war because a country will be taken over… it happens all over and gets a tiny blip on the news radar. Focus on improving our economy from within and don’t waste money and lives on war until we can end hunger and forget free USA healthcare get world free health care if the fda thinks its soo grand. Then once we show we can take care of problems that well we might have the authority to war.

  2. If we see a similar but different view how do you sugjest we take action?

    I wonder sometime if its not the people don’t care they just seen the war news every day and have been beaten into apathy.

    I am talking about a very simple map with methods and direct hand holding of our actions to results.

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