Well, now I’ve seen EVERYTHING! The debate on the war has successfully been dumbed down again. The idiot dems have been coning the electorate that they can’t defund the war because:

A) “They don’t have the votes to do it.”

There are 231 seats in the house held by dems. 216 of these scumbags voted to bring the recent supplemental war spending bill to the house floor for a vote. If they wished to stop this war they could have not brought it to the floor for a vote in the first place. That would have defunded this war and the pentagon would have been forced to bring our troops home in July. Once they brought it to the floor they knew the repubs in congress would pass it. This gave the dems the sneaky out of being able to then VOTE AGAINST the very bill they VOTED FOR. The dems pulled a john kerry. They voted for the bill before they voted against it.

Result: the war continues to be funded. You suckers out there have fallen for this bullshit for years.

Resolved: the dems have PROVEN they intend to continue the war by funding it.

B) Besides the “support the troops” and non-binding resolution bullshit, the latest dem smokescreen is “time line” and “benchmarks.” They have been spewing this shit for months now. This nonsense will not lead to shorting the war by a single day. They are just SAYING this crap so you will be coned into believing they are anti-war. They are not.

Resolved: BOTH the repubs AND the dems INTEND TO CONTINUE THIS WAR.

All you suckers who continue to apologize for the dems. All you damn fools who continue to support what you claim is the dems “strategy” are either idiots that have been fooled or sleaze balls that actually support continuing this war.

Let’s look at the dems “strategy” since they took the house and senate several months ago:

Non-binding resolution and “stop the escalation.”

Result: the war rages on and there are now MORE US TROOPS ON THE GROUND IN IRAQ then when the dem controlled congress took office.

“Time line” added to war supplemental spending bill. Bill vetoed, new war funding bill passed without “time line.”

Result: war rages on.

“Benchmarks” are now all the rage. On the upcoming fiscal year 2008 budget you will hear A LOT about “benchmarks.” I predict that the dems and repubs both will vote to fully fund the war in the fy2008 budget vote.

Result: the war will rage on for yet another year, and even then will have no end in sight.

The supporters of the repubs are idiots. Now it’s time to add the supporters of the dems to the idiot list. If after all these years of war. If after several obvious PROOFS that the dems intend to continue the war, you still support the dems. You are an idiot. You will be a proven sucker come the vote on the Fy2008 budget when your useless dems CONTINUE TO FUND THIS WAR FOR ANTHER YEAR WITH NO END IN SIGHT! You have blood on your hands already! Continue to support the dems and you will have even more blood on your hands. The only way to wash it off is to wash your hands of the dems.

Otherwise, you are just a bunch of SUCKERS!

The telepathic crickets are trying to convince the lightning bugs to fly in formation and spell out “Vote ClapSo.” I keep trying to tell them that the lightning bugs don’t speak cricket, but to no avail.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




~ by ClapSo on June 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “SUCKERS!”

  1. I believe the Democratic members of congress should not have caved.

    However, merely defunding the war would not have brought the troops home, as George Bush would simply have kept them there and let them run out of ammunition. The troops are hostages.

  2. I also believe the Democratic members of congress should not have caved.
    You have cool blog!!!

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