Circus of Corruption…


Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages! In the center ring are dem congressman jefferson and bush crime family member libby. There are sideshow freaks like go go gonzales. There are other former center ring acts like gingrich and delay, now relegated to the sideshow midway. There are the moneyed sponsors like enron and worldcom, like hell-o-burton and black-war-tar. There are the hawkers like cnn and fox news. Seducing you into taking part in the decadent parade of the elephants and jackasses. There are the syphilitic dwarves in the house and senate. Firing our young people in uniform out of the military industrial complex cannon. Causing them to crash and die in the net less target of Iraq.

Then there is you, the spectators. The damn fools ready to cheer on the out of control r branded pachyderms as they pull down the tattered remnants of their “big tent.” There are the other damn fools. Those sitting in the stands happily munching the stale peanuts in greasy bags handed out by the jackasses as their “strategy” for ending the war. You d branded apologists who cheer “support the troops” as your donkeys stand still in legislative inaction. As the twin ringmasters of the apocalypse, g’dubya and his dick, hearken you to their greatest show on earth “global war on terror.”

It’s time for you all to move on to other amusements. Else, the toxic fire of discontent produced by this theater of the absurd will surely consume you.

The telepathic crickets are down with tummy aches. Having consumed too much of the pink spun sugar that is the cotton candy of the celebdidates “debates.” I hope you all are growing sick and tired of the “grab stand” fare being force fed you by the republicrat/dempublican carneys.


~ by ClapSo on June 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Circus of Corruption…”

  1. LOL. Glad to find you.

  2. With big painted smiles,
    make-up to hide their true faces,
    the jokers have turned ring masters.

    A perpetual circus, entertaining Americans
    while the rest of the world watches in horror.

    Will it ever end?

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