Unity My Ass!


There are those running loose that claim that what we need to do is UNITE the repubs and dems this election year. They fall for the utter bullshit that the problem with our government is that the dems and repubs FIGHT too much. This is clearly nonsense.

Resolved: the problem with our government is that the dems and repubs AGREE to do the WRONG THINGS!


Lets look at some of the disasters the dems and repubs have agreed to.

The war, it rages on and will continue to rage on no matter if the dems or repubs continue in power.

NAFTA: It has killed the US manufacturing sector DEAD. Former factory workers now get to work minimum wage jobs at walmart.

The war

Welfare so called “reform:” there are now more people living in poverty AND WORKING FULL TIME then ever before. Not to mention all the unemployed homeless and living in poverty. Most of the people living in poverty are CHILDREN. This as the dem and repub scumbags in the congress get AUTOMATIC COST OF LIVING INCREASES ADDED TO THEIR PAY EVERY YEAR. This as limp dick the wonder VP makes millions on his hell-o-burton stock.

The war


The war

Illegal immigration. Both parties agree that the pig rich EMPLOYERS should be able to continue to exploit workers that come to the US without going through the legal immigration process. This does nothing good for anybody but the pig rich!

The war

Out of control military spending. Both parties agree that the US should continue to spend MORE THEN EVERY OTHER COUNTY ON THE PLANET COMBINED ON THE BLOATED MILITARY DEATH MACHINE. The proposed FY2008 US budget contains a 10% INCREASE over last year and that doesn’t even include any spending on:

The war

Health care. BOTH PARTIES agree to talk about the health care crisis every election. Both then AGREE TO DO NOTHING once elected.

The war

Hell, I can go on for days with this shit! Whatever your issues. Whether you be from the left or right. Male or female. Black or white. YOUR WELL BEING IS ONLY TALKED ABOUT IN ORDER TO GET YOU TO VOTE FOR EITHER A republicrat OR A dempublican. Once these useless scumbags gain office, they do NOTHING FOR YOU!

We need to start screaming that we will be voting for third party candidates come election time. Each of us must make this clear NOW! To continue to hope that either of the two major parties will do anything good once elected is foolish. Go out and scream it to all your friends. Get them to scream it too. So long as the twin parties of the apocalypse continue in power unabated, our lot will continue to shrink and our young people will continue to DIE!

The telepathic crickets are nowhere to be found today. I think they have run off to breed. Just what I need a larger editorial board!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Unity My Ass!”

  1. They sure are united not to let any third party established in USA so they can keep the power among themselves by taking turns.

  2. I think you’d enjoy the next level forum at breakfornews.com

    Your voice would add to the clarity of our current conversation.


  3. Great post. Our two party system is surely behind many of the evils currently propagated on the American public by our government, and each party has a vested interest in keeping it that way. – Marianne

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