Disunity in WashingtOOn is GOOD!


Well, it looks like this disaster of an immigration bill is having trouble getting passed. For me that’s a good thing. There are finally signs that the unified radical moderate front of the dempublicans and republicrats is feeling the heat from both the right and the left. This is a good sign for our democracy. Instead of being able to shove this bill down our throats, they will actually have to have a real debate on this issue. Kudos to all the bloggers and others of whatever stripe, that have made this issue produce one of the best and broadest debates we have going. If we can all continue to scream bloody murder at those idiots in washingtOOn about this and other issues and let them know there is real danger to them come election time. We can force that bunch of bullshiters to really think about what they are doing to us.

For me the immigration issue is simply about economic fairness, or indeed lack thereof. To let people from anywhere, be exploited by greedy employers reduces wages for everyone. The correct way to bring balance to this is to indite, try and convict such EMPLOYERS. A few employers in jail for this federal crime will make others think twice before doing it. The law is already on the books and need only be enforced.

Resolved: raising the minimum wage or otherwise increasing wages will also reduce the number of illegal employees.

The bullshit excuse given for the illegal employment of exploited workers in this country is an “employee shortage.” They claim they can’t find people to fill the jobs they offer. What they fail to admit is WHY!


In the city where I live we have a company that runs a “calling center.” You know, one of those places you call when you have a prob with your cell bill or something. They have been operating in our city for about a decade. For most of that decade they have had trouble finding enough employees to fill the open slots. They tried everything to fill these jobs. They went to job fairs and gave out mouse pads and stress balls printed with company logo. They had their PR flacks on the local TV news talking about what an exciting career opportunity (minimum wage and no benefits) working for this “high tech growth company” was. They even had an ad running FOR YEARS on TV BEGGING people to come wok there. They offered their current employees bonus money for every person they brought in who was hired. I mean they tried EVERYTHING BUT INCREASING WAGES AND BENEFITS! They not only couldn’t fill the open slots, they had very high “turnover” when people quit or were fired.

About a year ago, every other trick in the book having failed, they increased starting pay to about $10 an hour and also introduced benefits. They now have a waiting list of applicants. Their turnover rate is almost nil. The way you get rid of “employee shortages” is start paying better! It’s that simple!

The telepathic crickets are still off in their love nests. It’s been an awfully quiet spring here ClapSotronics HQ. I know that means a very chirp filled summer! I shouldn’t complain really, it’s been nice to have some time without the annoyance of an editorial board.


~ by ClapSo on June 8, 2007.

One Response to “Disunity in WashingtOOn is GOOD!”

  1. Clapso, this is far too complicated an issue for a comment post.

    But I would like to know more about your editorial board. Mine is a swarm of hummingbirds that are currently driving me crazy and eating me out of house and home. They add about as much clarity as most editorial boards. – Marianne

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