I went to a party at my buddy Alex’s house Last night. Alex does art. He’s like me and dabbles in several media. He does things like hand out sausages at art festivals. You know, absurd stuff. Case in absurd point: last weekend he was driving through the Lincoln tunnel which links New York City with Jersey. After paying the toll he proceeded to drive through towards Jersey. Alex had his ever present super 8 film camera. He just loves to shoot film of nothing in particular. He also does video, but he LOVES FILM. Being the super 8 absurd Alex, he decided to waste Um, er film a troll doll perched on his dashboard as he drove through the tunnel. Not, I will grant you a normal for thing for most people to do. But if you knew Alex like I know Alex you would know how normal it is for him. HE REALLY IS SUPER DUPER 8 ABSURD ALEX.

Now this is where it really gets ABSURD as only the AGENTS Of SOCIAL CONTROL can be absurd. It being a time of increased crime in NYC and violent acts such as murder being very much on the raise in our major cities one would think that the NYPD has a lot of work to do and can’t be bothered with trivial shit right? WRONG! The pigs pulled Alex over, confiscated his film, gave him an appearance ticket and now he has to go to court on August first. WTF!?

The flat foots even asked Alex where they had to send the confiscated super 8 film to have it developed. Isn’t that sweet, asking a citizen of these United States where to develop a roll of film that will be used as evidence in a court of law against said citizen.

I will keep you updated on THE CASE OF THE LINCOLN TUNNEL SUPER 8 TROLL in future posts. We are keeping a vigil at Alex’s house in case the ministry of fatherland defense decides to do a extraordinary rendition on Alex. I’m sure this event has sent the terrorist mood ring to ORANGE ALERT! Our government is filled with FUCKING IDIOTS!

The telepathic crickets have completed their breeding and the ClapSotronics HQ is now filled with new editorial board members. They are scurrying around in a frenzy chirping FREE SUPER 8 ALEX, FREE SUPER 8 ALEX!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “WTF!? OFF THE PIGS!”

  1. It is amazing how themes pop up in our day to day lives, but I do not believe they are coincidences, just wake up calls for action. Good luck to your friend!

  2. I think our police forces are acting on propaganda fed them, just like our doctors are acting on the crap that the pharmas dish out.

    The police are a part of government, and tend to trust those above them. When those above them dictate that there is badness afoot often in the form of hippies with cameras or people who are vocal about lies, the police feel like they’re just doing they’re job. You push their buttons, and they go do the job.

    This is also known as a police state, which we are fast approaching, the evidence of which is all around us.

  3. ClapSo responds to John

    Yup, that is all so. The amount of power and the use of it given to the agents of social control has reached an all time high in this country. Add the various known and illegal spying our government has been doing on us and what you have is a police state.

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