“TIRANA (Reuters) – President George W. Bush arrived to a warm welcome in Albania on Sunday, the first visit by a U.S. leader…”

I’m glad some country wants the walking lump of stupid that infests the oval office. Maybe the Albanians can take bush in trade for a player to be named latter? If we give them billions in foreign aid will they take him? Hell nobody else wants that damn fool. We don’t want him here in the US, that’s for sure. It seems to me that we should make the trade quick before Albania wises up and realizes what a limp armed, no kneed knucklehead g’dubya is!

If we can, we should throw in the repub and dem celebdidates and get rid of the headache we will wind up with if any of those idiots takes g’dubya’s place in the next election. I don’t wish anything bad on Albania, but we don’t deserve the losers we have in the presidential circle now. Some would argue that anyone would be better then g’dubya. Maybe, but only in the sense that it would be better to be boiled to death in 200 degree water, then it would be in 212 degree water. Dead is dead after all, and speaking of dead from the neck up can we send the members of congress and the entire senate to join the “surge” in Iraq? It seems to me that the bullshit that bunch spews is as effective as hillbilly armor against an “IED.” What idiot in the pentagon came up with that silliness. They are using BOMBS you dopes. Call a bomb a bomb. IED my ass.

Speaking of bombs, that describes the immigration bill they cobbled together by taking every idiots bad ideas and putting them in something called a bill. On bills I’m damn well sick of paying them and I wish that mr. senator clinton bill would eat enough egg McMuffins to have his final coronary.

The telepathic crickets on the editorial board have insisted I print the following correction to yesterdays post (WTF!? OFF THE PIGS!): The tunnel that my buddy Alex was driving through was the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, NOT the Lincoln Tunnel as previously reported. (note to self: do not report on anything discussed with Alex when both of us are drunk)


~ by ClapSo on June 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Albania, TAKE OUR PRESIDENT PLEASE!”

  1. The funny part is they may have wanted to get closer to Bush to pick his pockets. Isn’t that great! He has been cleaning the pockets of this country for seven years and now he knows what it feels like.

    Great job. Jake Drew

  2. ROFL, They took his watch too!

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