Peace Through A Strong Antiwar Movement


An open letter. Please feel free to add your name to mine and reprint it elsewhere. Or just link it to your site. Or even cut and paste it to an email and send it around. SPREAD THE ANTIWAR MESSAGE!

Dear fellow Peaceniks,

There have been a few bumps on the road to peace. The movement which has been growing since BEFORE there was even one boot on the ground in Iraq has had it’s ups and downs over the years. These up and downs were related to disagreements from within about how to best archive our aim to first prevent and since it started, stop the war. The two largest camps were and even still are the “vote the dems in and they will end the war” group and the group that correctly predicted that the dems and repubs are in cahoots and only third parties could field truly antiwar candidates. The time has come for those that STILL believe the vote dem strategy can work answer the following questions:

Given that there are now MORE US TROOPS IN IRAQ THEN THERE WERE BEFORE THE 2006 election, how can you still claim the dems are antiwar?

Given that 316 dems in the house voted FOR bringing the 100 billion dollar war supplemental to the floor for a vote and thereby INSURED IT’S PASSAGE and that the FINAL VOTE IN THE SENATE WAS 80 to 14 for passage about half of those 80 votes cast by dem senators, how can you still claim the dems are antiwar?

Given that the dems and repubs are now trying to RENAME the war by referring to a “Korea like plan” in which we would have 50’000 to 100’000 or more US troops stationed in Iraq with no talk of when they will withdraw, how can you continue to claim the dems are antiwar?

When the FY 2008 budget is sent to that vile dog in the oval office in a few months. When said budget contains hundreds of billions of dollars of additional funding to continue this disaster of a war. WILL YOU THEN STILL CLAIM THAT THE dems ARE ANTIWAR?

The dem plan is to continue funding this disaster of a war while claiming that they need us to vote them EVEN MORE POWER come the 2008 election. I for one just say no! The dems have had heir chance. They have failed to stop this war. Trying to use THEIR OWN FAILURE TO GET US TO VOTE FOR THEM IN 2008 IS SLEAZY! It stinks to high heaven! I hope no voter out there will fall for this! We need another way out of this war! The dems and repubs will only continue this disaster of a war.

Resolved: the antiwar movement MUST WALK AWAY FROM THE TWO PRO-WAR PARTIES!

There are a number of organizations out there who have increased their membership and donation income by claiming to be antiwar. One such group, of the many, have been nothing but a shill for the dems for years. On various forums (listserves, ect.) this group has been all about being antiwar and until just last week has claimed the dems have a secret plan to end the war. That changed when it was made clear that the dems supported and passed the 100 billion dollar war supplemental. Did this dem pimp organization scream bloody murder as they should have if they were truly antiwar? NOPE! Was there EVEN ONE of the members of this group that said on ANY of these dem pimp organization forums that I was right about the dems and they were wrong? NOPE! What did they do? They simply dropped the war as a subject for discussion! It’s like the war doesn’t even exist anymore for these organizations and their followers. There lays the problem for the pro-dem “netroots.” Will their followers continue to take part in their pimping for the dem political whores, or will the rank and file abandon these groups to join the real antiwar movement.

There are now two clear fronts of resistance against the war:

The electoral front. Those that believe we can stop the war by voting antiwar candidates to power. I am all for that and will be voting for third party, antiwar, candidates come election time. Another thing we peaceniks can do is RUN for office as independents or with third parties. I for one am a very likely run against my misrepresentative now sitting in the New York 24th congressional district seat. I told this “blew dog dem” that if there is ANY funding to continue this disaster of a war in the FY2008 federal budget, the day that mass murderer in the oval office signs it with his blood filled pen is the day I wall announce my candidacy! I mean it, I will run! You all should do the same! You should at least vote against the dems and repubs! Out with the pro-war lot of em!

On the mass demonstration front, there is one really great proposal by the

A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition

Click the link above and read it for yourself. I have registered for the planned event and you should too!

The telepathic crickets on the editorial board are in full support of the antiwar editorial policy here at ClapSotronics. They know that war is not healthy for crickets and other living things!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 11, 2007.

One Response to “Peace Through A Strong Antiwar Movement”

  1. Save the Crickets!!! I am tempted to draw a artists view of the crickets at Clapso-tronics. This democrazy is truly full of uncivil-liberties and people need to unite to save all that is fuzzy or has a carapace. I think the crickets have more backbone than some of the pacifist don’t rock the boat government employees and they have a exoskeleton!

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