Duck Season, Wabbit Season


DUCK SEASON, WABBIT SEASON, DUCK SEASON, WABBIT SEASON…Yup, it’s that time of year. The time of year in which the useless dogs in washingtOOn divvy up our tax dollars and hand them out to their favorite corporations. IT’S BUDGET SEASON! The bullshit industry will be mumbling about how this spending bill is about health care and that spending bill is about defense. But that’s only a half truth. The real fight is which of the health care or defense corporations will get the biggest taxpayer funded give away packages this year. That is determined by which corperations have handed out the biggest cash “tips” to our glorious “leadership.”

Case in point:


Having the following limp dick in office has been very, very good for hell-o-burtons bottom line!


He continues to hold a large amount of hell-o-burton stock even as his administration gives ever increasing no-bid contracts to the company. Wanna bet g’dubya has a few shares of hell-o-burton tucked away for a rainy day?

Then there’s the lady in waiting who would be queen.


As she runs around the country posturing and bullshitting on national health care. Keep in mind that she is the second largest recipient of campaign contributions from THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY! Only second you say? Good point! Come on hillary, you have an oval office to buy, STEP IT UP! Lets not forget that she was the “co-president” that failed to get national health care passed going on two decades ago!

Where will the budget send the most money to the corporations?


Where it always goes, to our dear friends the weapons merchants!

Here is how the budget has looked and will look again.


Why do we spend so much on the military? Is it to keep pace with other countries spending? NOPE!


When the useless idiots tell you we don’t have the money in the budget for anything else and all claim to be “fiscal conservatives.” Remember this ugly mug.



Also remember this telling graph.


Don’t forget that the original budget for fy2008 that g’dubya sent out (pre-VA health care scandal) contained a 10% DECREASE in the VA health care budget. That idiot g’dubya gets our young people in uniform all shot up, then tries to cut the amount we will spend to patch em up! SHAME ON YOU YOU CHICKEN HAWK BASTARD.

When it’s all said and done. The FY2008 budget will contain an increase in the regular pentagon budget AND hundreds of billions to continue the disastrous war into 2009, and some time in early 2009 there will be another phony “battle” concerning another multi-billion dollar “supplemental” to spend EVEN MORE MONEY ON THE FAILED WAR! This in the face of the following video in which rummy admits the pentagon can’t account for trillions of dollars. Opps we lost trillions of dollars?

The repubs and the dems will again “play fight” and again pass the always HUGE military spending bills. The only time “money is no object” in washingtOOn is when the bottom lines of the military contractors need be fattened.


The telepathic crickets have gazed into their crystal ball and confirmed a huge increase in FY2008 military spending. What a shock, NOT!

The scientifically impossible I do right away
The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 12, 2007.

One Response to “Duck Season, Wabbit Season”

  1. The crickets tell me we need to start a fund raiser for government employees so they have a back bone. I think they are taking it too literally. I am still trying to explain to them they have a backbone they do not have a exoskeleton.

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