Elmer Fudd Strikes Again



The bush crime family has proposed a FY 2008 budget that is wrong for the needs of the American people.The $481 billion the Pentagon gets in this budget, a 10 percent raise over FY 2007, is outrageous! That number doesn’t even include the billions in additional spending for the failed Iraq war. Total these figures up and g’dubya is asking for roughly $745 billion in defense spending, a higher number, when adjusted for inflation, than the entire cost of the Vietnam War. The crime family mouthpieces then have the nerve to say they may request even more money for the failed war in Iraq via future supplemental spending bills! This budget has no other purpose then to fatten the bank accounts of the war profiteers like hell-o-burton and black-war-tar, et al. If that isn’t enough, it continues the give away package to the super rich the crime family refers to as “tax relief”.

At the same time it calls for cuts in domestic spending while the sons and daughters of the poor and working class suffer death and dismemberment on the ground in the failed war.


The dems MUST do the following:

Repeal the crime family’s tax cuts to the pig rich

Cut the $481 billion pentagon budget to $240 billion

Refuse to budget any further funds to the failed war

Institute a “wind fall” profit tax not only on the oil companies but also on the rest of the war profiteers

This will put the federal budget in the black THIS YEAR, not in 2012 as the crime family wants.We can then use the budget to provide for the real needs of the American people. Health care for all, schools that educate our children, peace bred work, environmentally sound renewable energy and a host of other things that will improve our lives and offer us real security!

The poor and working people, here and in Iraq, have sacrificed too much already. It’s time for the pig rich war profiteers to sacrifice some of their ill begotten gains! If the dems do any less they will once again prove themselves to be a pro-war party completely corrupted and in the service of the military industrial complex. As such, they will have to be removed from power come the 2008 election.

The telepathic crickets have started a petition to take the X-29 space modulator away from Marvin The Martian and the rest of the space aliens over at the pentagon.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on June 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Elmer Fudd Strikes Again”

  1. Maby the pro-war non-warriors think people are like the cartoons they can get blown up and just have a fue band aids like in roadrunner.

  2. You know very well Democrats don’t have courage to stand on principles. Democrats will pass the budget with their usual spin. They did it for the poor and due to their love for their country type of BS.

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