Vintage Whines


The bullshit industry is in full production of the latest sales job. The power elite is selling us their next festering pile of nonsense. Lets look at just a few of the whine-o’s in washingtOOn. These following are some of the most powerful budget drunks in government. They are all addicted to deficit spending and bloated military budgets.


This idiot g’duba whines “we have to cut government spending”. This after proposing a FY2008 budget that INCREASES military spending by 10% and contains additional hundreds of billions for the war and the intelligence budgets. What he intends to cut is domestic spending. After 6 years of his out of control spending on guns, which has raised our national debt to record level, isn’t it time we get fewer guns and a little BUTTER instead?! This jerks favorite vintage whines are “support the troops” and “cut government spending.” HE DOES NEITHER!


This Idiot bon bon is another “fiscal consecutive” who has voted in favor of the last six federal budgets which raised our national debt to new heights. Favorite vintage whines: “support the troops” and “reduce government spending.” HE DOES NEITHER!


This lady who does lunch has been around for too damn long. She has been in the house for the last six years and has done NOTHING to stop the war or make policy that makes any sense for our wellbeing. Her favorite vintage whine is “we dems don’t have the votes to stop the war.” That is utter BULLSHIT!


The lady in waiting who would be queen has been in the senate for the entire run of the bush crime family rule. She has DONE NOTHING to make our lives any better. Favorite vintage whine “we dems don’t have the votes to stop the war.” AGAIN that is utter BULLSHIT!

WTF are they thinking? Do they really believe they can continue to spew this utter bullshit and that we will eat it up? Are we gonna be fooled again? Will we go out and vote for these scumbags yet again in 2008? I SAY NO! I SAY ENOUGH! I SAY LETS VOTE THESE TWO FAILED PARTIES OUT OF OFFICE COME 2008!

Resolved: any so called “anti-war” group that continues to support the dems are traitors to the cause of peace!

We must tell these phonies that we are not going to support the dems or the repubs or any group that apologizes for them! We must let our feet do our taking by walking away from ANY group the supports the two failed parties!

The telepathic crickets have been chirping “but-ter but-ter” all day. They want cuts in military spending and increases in domestic spending as much as I do.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 18, 2007.

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