With his interesting announcement that he has left the repub party behind, NYC Mayor Bloomberg has sent the 2 party system into a tizzy. The most interesting part of his announcement is that he is not returning to the dem fold. Before his first run for mayor in 2001 he was a registered dem. If he was just walking away from the failed repub party, why would he not go back to the dem party? Is it because he realizes that the dems are a failure too? I’m almost sure he’s running for prez! It’s now only a matter of time before he announces his candidacy. What do you think?

Resolved: a Bloomberg run would be a very good thing!

Word is, he has said that he can spend a BILLION dollars on a presidential run. Hell for a billion dollars he can start a whole new party. Having built a business empire from scratch he has the organizational skills and even the personnel to market him as our countries next prez. That’s all a political campaign is really, a product marketing tour. We are sold the celebdidates in the same way we are sold hula hoops and flavored condoms: ADVERTISING, ADVERTISING, ADVERTISING. A billion dollars can buy ya a bunch of TV airtime.

As his company is a high tech business involving electronic media, I would expect him to have a “web 2.0” presence that would overwhelm the amateurish attempts at being “net hip” the others in the presidential field are running.

What this begins is the formation of non-two major party campaigns, starting at the top of the elected office heap. It’s clear that Bloomberg has seen all the polls indicating that the dems and repubs are both losing support among the voters. His best strategy would be to run as the guy who will go to washingtOOn to clean up the mess made by both the dems and repubs. For me this would be the upside of a bloomberg candidacy. He really could draw votes away from both the dems and repubs. This could upset the two party apple cart in a big way and that’s a good thing. He could easily drive a wedge into the two party system that would crack it asunder.

On the downside I doubt that a big business guy like Mike would take the steps necessary to tame that other beast that’s killing this country. The corruption of our political economy caused by the corporate interests. The last damn thing we need is every billionaire in the country thinking it would be cool to run for elected office. These people already run the economic system for their own benefit. They have up to now been content to purchase the politicians in both parties. A full scale direct buyout of the political system by the super rich would not be much worse then what we have now, but it would be no better!

There is another player in this little presidential card game who has shown that he is willing to go all in with long odds. He is both anti-corporate and anti-two party. With Bloomberg being the third hand in, this other candidate would be the forth hand at the table. The dems and repubs will have to spend their dirty tricks money to keep Bloomberg off the ballot in as many states as they can. This will give this forth candidate enough breathing room to get on more ballots and win in a squeaker of a four way race.

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board are chirping a paraphrase of slick willies “it’s the economy stupid:” ***CHIRP*** IT’S THE WAR STUPID! ***CHIRP***

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 20, 2007.

One Response to “And So It BEGINS…”

  1. Great analysis of Bloomberg’s situation. I think he probably won’t run but he will keep baiting the press with vague and ambiguous statements just to them interested. This media event will make all the other candidates crazy.

    I think that’s how a billionaire would entertain himself.

    Now if a fourth hand gets in then Bloomberg would probably throw his cash to them.

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