OH! The Things I’ve Seen…


Having been born in 1958, at the beginning of the “space age” I remember the “old days” and wonder about our present and future. I know that my parents had a different vision of what the 21st century would be like, as did I growing up. This future is nothing like what we believed it would be like. We had visions of grand cities in the clouds and moving sidewalks. Monorails and vacations on the Moon. Flying cars and flavored condoms. Nah, nobody would have been crazy enough to predict flavored condoms!


The United Nations was still new and held a hope for worldwide peace and prosperity. We had a sense back then that no problem was insurmountable. We would progress to an ever higher standard of living and we would reap the rewards that our politics, science, and economics would create.

Resolved: The present is a nightmare version of a future once imagined and hoped for.


Having fought WW2 “the war to end all wars” why then have we since fought war in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and all the several and sundry military adventures in between ? It’s because we are IDIOTS! Instead of reaping the rewards of thousands of years of human progress, we turn our science, politic, and economy into a death producing war machine! What the hell are we thinking? We have wasted too much of our research and development resources on instruments of war. The only real scientific breakthroughs in the last 100 years have come in military technology. We have gone in the last hundred years from storming the walls of an enemy city, to bombing the walls so storming the city is easier, to being able to nuke both the walls and the city out of existence in less then a second. The rest of our technology is about the same as it was 100 years ago.

Our cars today are pretty much the same as cars 100 years ago, but todays cars have cup holders.

Our phones can now be taken with us so we can get more calls from people we don’t really wanna speak to, anywhere we happen to be. Sure, we have what g’dubya calls “the lnternets” (invented by al gore). But that just makes it possible to get communications from people we don’t want to talk to 24/7. Even when we are asleep the messages continue roll in!

Our “medical science” has gone from shaking of rattles and lighting of candles to beeping electronic rattles and flashing LEDs. The last real cure “modern medicine” created was antibiotics over 100 years ago!

Our energy system is pretty much the same as it was 100 years ago. It still depends on coal and oil. We pull those fuels out of the ground and harm our environment in doing so. We burn this filthy stuff just like 100 years ago and foul our air and water and land, just like the old days. Sure, we have nuke plants now. They rip uranium out of the earth and leave us with ever more weapons grade material to kill people with or worry about someone else getting and killing us with. The toxic radioactive waste these plants produce will be dumped on our children and future generations for thousands of years. THIS IS PROGRESS? I think not!

My parents generation left my generation a pile of flaming toxic shit in the middle of a pot hole scared street. I am sick and tired of dealing with problems that should have been solved 50 years ago. They should have done better! My generation is leaving our own kids an even bigger pile of flaming toxic shit in the middle of a pot hole scared street.

My parents generation got screwed because my grand parents generation chose scumbags like hoover and hitler as their “leaders.” My generation got screwed because our parents chose ronnie raygun and slick willy as their “leaders.” I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit idly by as my generation screws our own kids by continuing to make g’dubya and the hillery our choice of “leaders.” We damn well gotta do better for our kids then the choices offered by the republicrat/dempublican celebdidates! We need a real change in this country. WE NEED TO LOOK OUTSIDE THE TWO PARTY BOX!


The telepathic crickets have decided that they are gonna build their own spaceship. They are tired of living on a planet where they are the only intelligent life form. Just what we need, telepathic crickets on the moon!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “OH! The Things I’ve Seen…”

  1. Hi, you bring some interesting points but the most important one is that you’re not giving up the fight to give your children and grandchildren a better world. It would be interesting to contemplate what the world would be like if we weren’t driven by the need for money and material wealth.
    Take care,

  2. LOL. Telling the ugly truth with sarcasm is your biggest quality. This is true that US and the rest of the world has invested all their scientific research and development on weapons which can destroy the world and on the other hand medical research and development is getting blocked because its against religion and God. I still have hope in future with positive research and development is going on very fast pace in Europe.

  3. Great post.
    It’s funny, the other day I was thinking along these lines. You are so right that we have accomplished nothing in the last 100 years to benefit humanity. We have sat by and watch out of control politicians and the greed of corporations turn our country and the world into a giant cesspool.

    It seems to be getting harder to fight for the right things so future generations will have a better place. But we have to keep trying.

    The Republican and Demcratic parties are very comfortable in their scripted roles which don’t require them to move in a positive direction. This could be the time for a third party win. We need a strong leader who has yet to get in the race.

  4. I will not give up!… as long as I can play with inch by inch shinny NEO magnets that could crush my fingers with their strenth. I will tinker with free energy & windmills. Now are you ready because I may route a group with the buying power to pick up things like a monistary. Yes networking in the social spere to rally troups to train indiviguals in a usefull training of alternative energy! More and more colleges are adopting it as a major for thowse mover and shakers who are not interested in a party college but would rather mess with a soldering iron on a saturday night.

    Speaking of a phone system that is communal why not mix the distributed napster around to make a voice file sharing Voice overe Internet protocall phone system. It is really sensitive to if your checking out “pics” on your high speed connection thow. Why down with the over priced phone systems. They even have a adapter for around 50$ for a ethernet port to normal phone jack.
    For around 70 a year but keep your prepaid for 911.

    So yes if the community can get its ass together and build electrical celular communitys baised on renewable energy these cells can economicaly end the war. We can have politics and pritty words but I want plans! SHow me plans!…

  5. Responding to another persons comment on here religons when someone mentions the G word I must say some very bloddy wars have been fought familys and children killed in that name and not to mention bush has mentioned religous figures to rally troups into the war furnaces.

    I don’t fall for it and plea others do not. I turn my back on religous conversations and want to hear no part of them. I will listen to plans and simulations how we can improve this rock thow.

    Also when I mentioned the group I am seeing what their buying power is and they bought a monestary it was to turn it into something else not a jiant monument made from the swet and blood of the working class on the morter of wars and religous slavery. They can keep their stone pee pees to themseves please.

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