I got a couple of emails from people who claimed that I was a bit off in my last post. From a certain perspective I think they are right. Our science and technology has “prototypes in the pipeline” that can replace the 100 year old technology we are now sold. I should have been more clear in my writing, that this is what I was thinking. We have all manner of solutions to our problems, but they aren’t brought to market. That is because the moneyed interests make higher profits short term by selling us antiquated, obsolete, inefficient products.

Resolved: the corporate and political power elite refuse to make policy that will bring us to a better future due to their greed.


It still comes as a surprise to some people that the saturn division of general motors was producing a rechargeable electric car called the EV-1 in the 1990’s. In the film “Who Killed the Electric Car” we learn that gm built this wonderful car BECAUSE A STATE OF CALIFORNIA LAW required them to sell zero emission cars. For gm, the EV-1 was plan B. Plan A was to fight to stop the law from taking effect as scheduled. The car makers won that legal battle with the help of the bush crime family’s “justice department.” The car makers want to keep selling us the inefficient infernal combustion engine because they get to sell us far more replacement parts in these obsolete urban assault vehicle suvs and monster pickup trucks then they would in a truly modern and efficient car like the EV-1. The profit in replacement parts is BIG MONEY. This is their motive for continuing to fight against any law that will make our transportation system more efficient. The only answer to this is to elect people that will fight to enact such laws and we can’t get that kind of person from the republicrat/dempublican duopoly. We need to find candidates outside the corrupt two party system to vote in come election time. Even though gm and the other “American” automakers are having trouble selling their gas guzzlers and operating at a loss, they still have BIG MONEY to give to the two party celebdidates in campaign donations. It scares the hell out of them all, that third party candidates could “crash their party” come the 2008 elections.

We need a POLITICAL SOLUTION to our problems. As it stands our government is corrupted by campaign contributions from corporate interests that wish to continue to profit from the obsolete and inefficient technology they sell us. We need to change our political system first. We can then demand that our government invest our tax dollars into building wind and solar generating facilities to move us toward an energy security this country and the world needs to progress into a sustainable future. We need move away somewhat from the “free market” model and have a national, government project that will build the infrastructure needed to give us the renewable energy resources our children will rely on for THEIR needs. We can’t continue to waste our tax dollars on wars for oil. This can’t continue! It will lead us to the day we run out of oil and can’t even feed ourselves, our current farming economy being based on oil. We must do this as soon as possible. We can build solar and wind electric generating facilities all across our nation. we can then drive electric cars ad end our need for 50% of the oil we consume in gasoline. If you add a national program to retro-fit our buildings to be energy efficient, we can become an OIL EXPORTING NATION IN A COUPLE OF YEARS!

We have plenty of money to fight oil wars but no money to build sustainable energy systems? Lets use the money we are wasting on wars to do the right thing instead! Don’t like the idea that the government must take over the energy economy? Still believe the econowackos “free market is more efficient then government” bullshit? Then lets privatize the military! A pentagon run by a for profit corporation will be more efficient right? Why is a socialized MILITARY the only government program some people support? You must be kidding me with this free market bullshit. WTF!?

The telepathic crickets have come to the conclusion that their space program is never gonna get off the ground. They now realize that they are stuck here with the rest of us and have decided to work toward a political solution to our problems.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 25, 2007.


  1. You make some valid points. I am sure you realize that the government has far exceeded their jurisdiction according to the Constitution. With the Liberal Supreme Court we have had for so many years, they upheld the government’s side. We are finally seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. I was so angry after watching Who Killed The Electric Car that posted my angry comments providing the links to where people can get more information.

    The problem is US and Canadian governments are controlled by big corporations to protect their interests instead working for the benefit of mankind.

  3. I stumbled across your site from a comment made by another blogger and read a lot of your posts. You’re pretty much right on. I was an environmental consultant for 18 years (hated the job but making lots of money)and 40 days ago quit my job to become a fine arts photographer (No money but love what I do).
    I primarily quit because the industry and market I was working in, Petroleum, where I was working on cleaning up the spills and releases, trying to help the clients maintain compliance with industry standards (futile job), and finally realized THEY JUST DON’T CARE. It’s just about the money and how they can do things cheaper or ignore potentially bad situations because ignoring them saves them money. I once was at a high level meeting at a major oil company where they were questioning our prices and I said “well it’s because we actually go out and do the job and implied some of our competitors wern’t doing the job correctly or at all (which was true)”. Their response was “as long as their reports say everything is ok, and it’s cheaper than you guys, that’s all we care about”. ENd of quote. From that day I decided to get out of corporate environmental work.
    Many people thought I went off the deep end when I quit. Making big salary and bonuses, secure job and future, to becoming a starving artist but you know what, I’m really happy and feel good about myself and can sleep at night not worrying about projects, pressures from clients who don’t really care, working 80 hours a week…..

    In closing, Keep up the good work.

    J ALan

  4. POLITICAL SOLUTION … I can’t even read thowse words without hearing my brain scream OXYMORON!

    If the goverment wasts like it does how do you intend on tightinging its belt? Well first it needs a diet plan a coatch and about 5 gazilion situps!

    I Don’t like the idea that the government must take over the energy economy?

    Why because they are about as efficent at it as a deaf dumb retarted overweight pumpkin sized newborn that can’t wipe its own ass.

    Still believe the econowackos “free market is more efficient then government” bullshit?

    Please do explain why cels of a nonforprofit group could not slip under easier and gain economic power in a country where money does talk and govern! I hear politicans talk eco this and green that and their only willing to lift a shovel to get a picture taken at the ground breaking.

    Then lets privatize the military!

    What is that?

    A pentagon run by a for profit corporation will be more efficient right?
    Didn’t you say it was for profit under the table and corrupt?

    Why is a socialized MILITARY the only government program some people support? You must be kidding me with this free market bullshit. WTF!?

    What? Please explain I’m confused….

    I am glad the crickets are staying we could use their assistance making a better eco friendly corperation focusing on ecofriendly energy.

  5. Thanks clapso for your comment on my blog .

    this is goin to be a burning problem in few years from now.
    petroleum reserves are fast extincting from the world and i will be late if the research for alternative source of energy is not being taken up .

    more over the pollution by these fuels are having a toll on our environment and further usage of these is hazardous for all the living beings.

    its high time now and the age of petroleum is finished now and is a history now ,otherwise we humans will be a history ( all the living beings too)

    and thanks for the info given by you man ……about the info of GM antiq cars and bush crime court .

    i hadnt expected that US also has the stupid politics going in it
    and the beurocratic dealing of us supreme ccourt and feudalistic attitude of the companies and the state heads ……..

    i think this is the reason why USA has fallen behind japan in the automotives and electronics these days .

    and to the GM what an un professional way it acts and such companies will be nowhere in near future.


    world shakers
    ramakanth reddy.

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