What be the COST of Unity08, and who will pay it?


Well, it seems I triggered a “quick response team” from unity08 with my response to a post on one of their sales blogs here on wordpress! I will say I am in no way opposed to the organization. It is clear they are working in a way meant to produce a group much like moveon and others. My problem with these groups is the basic premise they operate under. That premise is that these groups can make change BY WORKING WITH ONE OR BOTH OF THE DEM AND REPUB PARITES! Although it is often a good thing to bring people together, in the case of the dem and repub parties, I must make and even take exception. You can read, and join if you like, my exchange with unity08 reps here:


It is my contention that the dems and repubs in office ARE the PROBLEM. That these two parties are in cahoots and corrupt our government with their control of our electoral system. I believe that only by throwing as many of them out of office as we can come next election, can we even START to get our democracy and our government back to “of, by, and for the people.”

In the case of unity 08, they claim to be a “new third party.” If you read their stuff you learn that they insist that this “new third party” must consist, mostly, of members of the old two parties! How is that in any way “new.” We already have just such a mess of dem and repub idiots in the house and senate! How would making the executive branch resemble the failed house and senate be in any way a good thing?

I have made this case several times here on my blog. This is a link to another of my posts about these issues:


This is a link that shows how sometimes DISUNITY is not such a bad thing in washingtOOn


Instead of trying to bring the power elite TOGETHER I believe we must take our RESPONSIBILITY as citizens more seriously. This post says a bit about the tradition of RESISTANCE our country and it’s people have lost and we need get back!


The price of continuing this unity of the power elite will be paid buy the rest of us in blood and treasure. Anyone who thinks that taking the two party status quo and “uniting” it further is just shitting themselves. WE need to MOVEON in UNITY against the failed two parties come the 2008 election. Not JOIN WITH the thieves and murderers in our government. The only way that moveon and unity08 will have any positive effect is to move away from both failed parties and toward support for third parties. To do any less will simply continue a failed system for which we will ALL CONTINUE TO PAY! This link shows just how lost our demacracy is, and how the power elite have become despotic dogs!


The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board are UNITED AGAINST THE FAILED TWO PARTY STATUS QUO!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on June 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “What be the COST of Unity08, and who will pay it?”

  1. Viva la resistance little crickets! Unite the people under windmills and solar arrays. Through tehcnology and a celular green bizness model could be put as policy by a third party. I think it is time for a clapsoised bill of rights a new clear one. This library is swimming in policy books that could cure insomnea for the planet. Drug companys would be put out of biz by this stuff. But don’t pick up one yet because their is work to do people help the little crickets unite to make the bill of rights and plan of action for a cellular green policy to improve life for life of mamals, crustations, and insects.

  2. $42.42

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