More Failed Groups…


I got to thinking after I critiqued moveon and unity08 in my last post, that I would come back today with a list of national organizations against the war and/or for real one payer national health care for all and/or for sensible energy and foreign policies  AND AGAINST ELECTING THE dems OR repubs IN 2008. I’ve searched and searched, I can’t find one! Not one of the organizations I know to be working on the first three issues above is not still working to “lobby” the dems and/or the repubs. Not one of these groups are calling for the removal of BOTH the dems AND the repubs. Have I missed something? Does anyone have a url to a national group that understands that the dems and repubs are losing support among the voters? That only the removal of the dem and repub fools from office inthe 2008 elections will set out country on a sane course. If you know of a national group that has called for the removal of both parties in the next election, please post it in the comments below. The rest of this post will remain empty in protest of the failure of We The People to demand that these groups move away from the republicrats and dempublicans…

~ by ClapSo on June 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “More Failed Groups…”

  1. You are correct. The two parties are a sham. It’s either Pepsi or Coke.

    But most people when they even talk about a “Third Party” just mean a watered down Liberal or an extremist Right Winger.

  2. Third or fourth party candidates in theory could win the popular vote, The problem would be the electoral college, Even if a dark horse won I think after the Kennedy-Nixon race they changed the mechanics of counting. A precinct count done a couple days after showed Nixon actually won the election but to avoid riots, or so they worried at the time Nixon let it go on the condition both parties establish precinct parity. For a Dark horse candidate to become president He or She would need to capture nearly 52% of the entire popular vote to overcome “safeguards” put in place decades ago.

  3. I think that if a third party candidate wins the general election with the highest percentage of the popular vote, there would be a big court fight. Unlike gore in 2000, a third party candidate would not have any reason to want to preserve the electoral status quo in which the repub and dems control the system. I don’t believe the electoral college could hold up to a real “one person one vote” challenge in court.

  4. Third party candidate/party would have a long uphill battle. Hard to gain traction…..
    But if there ever was a time, probably now is the time.

  5. How about the idea of writing a plan of action kinda like a bill of rights this party stands on. Then it can be different and modeled. It reminds me of when I told albanys mayor and a newspaper editor you would get more exposure if you had a wiki. the idea of the publics oppinyon unpoliced scared them to the core to the point of making fun.

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