Pardonorama 2008…


The following is a rogues gallery of the leadership of labushanostra, “made” men all, who will get blanket pardons from g’dubya come post 2008 elections. I didn’t include libby, everyone knows thats a done deal.


The “Capo” himself! He is the first to be absolved of his sins.


Limp dick the “under boss.” If looks could kill, you would be “whacked” right now.


The “enforcer” rummy.

Those three stooges are just the main leadership of the crime family. It doesn’t matter that rummy don’t work there anymore, he was there for most of the misdeeds! I still can’t figure out which one plays Moe. There are a host of others that will never be punished for their high crimes and misdemeanors. Why is that? How can our system be so broke that these dogs will get off scott free?

The following video is for the kids too young to remember who the original “Keystone Kops” were:

Lets look at some of the “kops on the beat” that are supposed to be using kongressional oversight to stop these kriminals:n-pelosi-300dpi-photo-small.jpg

This lady who does lunch, the khief of kongressional keystone kops, has a table overflowing with DONUTS, which may account for her taking impeachment off the table. Hey dummy, give some of those donuts to the hungry and PUT IMPEACHMENT BACK ON THE TABLE, WILL YA? What is the official donut of the kongress? Krispy Kreme of Kourse!


The hillery is too busy getting her hair done and running to be the next capo with a krime family of her own to bother doing the right thing on impeachment.


I add bon bon because even though he is clearly a made man in labushanostra, he is also one of the kongressional kops! Sickening isn’t it?

We have to face the fact, my fellow citizens, that our political system is broke. The members of the republicrat/dempublican twin party of the apocalypse consider “equal justice under law” to be just a catch phrase chipped into the stone over the supremely inept court building entrance in washingtOOn. We The People are the last defense against the death of our democracy. If we don’t go to the polls and throw the whole lot of these kriminal konspirators out in the next election, we will doom ourselves to more of the same rotten crimes!

The telepathic crickets and I say OUT WITH THE BLOODY LOT OF EM!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 5, 2007.

11 Responses to “Pardonorama 2008…”

  1. Strange, isn’t it? I wonder if power really does ruin people or if they were already ruined before they got it. If the former, I almost hate to see good people elected!
    Regards from Iowa –

  2. E voting in how stuff works d0t c0m their is a possibility and polcy to allow evoting. Then it might allow for a more direct democracy.

    Gain power through electricity if the telepathic crickets can make 10,000,000 Giga-wats they can start to push the goverment around by their control of its electrical life blood, and nervous system.

  3. I was just thinking about the Congressional Leadership in the shower this morning (EWWW, Not that way!). Why the F*ck is Impeachment off the table? That is bascialy copping to Aiding and Abetting Treason.

    And while I’m on the subject, why is treason a Capital Crime? I’m all for punishing wrongdoing, but killing in the name of the state is just foolish. It is a slippery slope to sit atop…

  4. Wait a second, is Josh suggesting we go Back to the Future?

  5. ROFL! I know josh in RL. If anyone is gonna invent the flux capacitor, it’s josh! He’s a killer hardware guy.

  6. Vodcasting chip chirp video podcasting meets rss feeds and blogging. Look into it jerry it could be a lot of fun. I would help setup a stage.

  7. I’m sort of bemused Monte made it here first. Goes to show you have to look out for the quiet ones. I like the telepathic crickets idea : are they as trick as the regular ventriloquists ?

  8. Monte quiet? Have you read his blog opit? He kicks a bunch of ass hehehe. Ok he kicks ass in a gentle way…

    I don’t know how I got started on the telepathic crickets, but I’m having fun with it!

    Hey all, thanks for stopping by and commenting, I’m loving this!

  9. Oh, you’re right about that part of it. He fooled me by striking it up with Ann over at Reclaiming Space : I’m thinking he’s not socially challenged.

  10. Ah, so this is a competition for the attention of the sweet lass is it? 😉 I’m a single guy, maybe I’ll make a move. ‘course us middle aged guys don’t move quite as quick as we used too…

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