How Goes the REVOLUTION?


If you’re like me, you may wonder how it is that the US, founded by revolution against the totalitarian excess’s of king george can now find itself under the rule of a new king george. You may be wondering how a county that has prided itself on being the first country in history with a government predicated on the principle that political power rests in the hands of We The People. That our government is supposed to be OF, BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Instead has become of, by and for the political and economic elite. Our government simply is not serving us well at all. How did we let this happen. Why do we let it continue? Here’s a fictional character attempting to explain such:

The reason the US is now a “failed state” and an out of control militarist “rogue nation” is because YOU, yes YOU have allowed this to happen. You idiots out there, you know who you are! You have supported this disaster of a government for far to long! YOU voted in the bush crime family, not once but twice! YOU who wasted your votes on “the inventor of the internet” and that other useless dem, the once antiwar, now new “war hero.”

YOU believed all the bush crime family lies about Iraq:


There’s the three biggest lies!

YOU who drive around with yellow ribbon magnets on your monster pick up and urban assault vehicle SUV. YOU who dribble a viscous liquid down your bovine chin while mumbling the “support the troop” mantra. YOU who insisted that the dems would stop the war once they took power. It’s been months. They don’t intend anything, not the dems or repubs, but to continue this criminal war! WAKE THE FUCK UP! Here is a poem I wrote in early 2002, perhaps it will jar you awake:

Patriot Bells Set to Morlok Sirens in D Minor

The Pavlovian dogs of war salivate
As the bells of patriotism are sounded by Fascists

All the corporate television and radio stations
Bell hammers of fascists, give voice to the bells
Flag waving sports fans blue tie of idiocy wearing morons of all kinds

Attendees at “support the troops” rallies
Paid for with clear channel right wing miscommunication blood money
Dribble a viscous liquid down their bovine chins

All the presidents men and woman
Chicken hawk oil whores
Military industrial complex experts
In full teleprompter play by play of the republican super bowl in Iraq

Ring the bells
While at the same time they
Dribble a viscous liquid down their bovine chins

As the propaganda minister of
Bunker boy sadam
And the propaganda minister of
Bunker boy g’dubya ring the bells

The fooled and foolish
On both sides of the coin
Death being the wages of war
Dribble a viscous liquid down their bovine chins

My mouth desert dry I mourn All the dead
And wet my lips with the water of truth
Ignoring the bells, I warn you thus

Do not obey the call of the morlok sirens!
Lest you become kibble for the dogs of war



I wrote that when the useless scumbags in washingtOOn were JUST TALKING ABOUT INVADING IRAQ! I was right then and I got attacked as “unamerican” and “a commie.” Funny how things change. I can’t tell you how many people that attacked me have since told me how right I was back then. But that ain’t enough!


I’m here to tell you again, the shit is hitting the fan. Don’t bother to tell me I’m right some time in the future. I won’t want to hear it when it’s too little, too late! YOU have to get up off your fat asses! YOU have to REVOLT like our forefathers did and tell those idiots in washingtOOn YOU have had ENOUGH OF THEIR FAILURES! YOU can do this by attending rallies and other protests coming up in the next few months. YOU can bombard your elected officials in washingtOOn with letters, phone calls, emails. YOU can show up at the offices of these useless dogs and demand to be heard.


The telepathic crickets are nowhere to be seen today. They are hiding out because they know how unpleasant I can be when I’m cranky and pissed off. I just can’t take this crap anymore. I’m tired of running around trying to get people to get up off their asses and REVOLT. IT’S IN YOUR HANDS NOW a little help would be much appreciated…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “How Goes the REVOLUTION?”

  1. The religious factor which creep into US politics since 2000 elections is another factor which will help worst people than Bush to get elected and this is already leading the world towards complete destruction.

  2. What to do about the effects of religious types on our politics is a problem every government worldwide now faces. I see the religious groups that have caused us some problems here in the US losing some of their political strength of late. Hopefully this will lead to a softening of their rhetoric and ability to force their views on the rest of us. You can see a more positive religious example on some of the blogs on my blog roll. It is a pleasure to read works written from the perspective of religious plurality instead of the extreme “one true” all others are wrong mentality that has been in vogue for too long.

  3. The problem which majority of Christians Jews and Muslims is that none of the religion teach hatred and intolerance. The truth is all these three religions can survive peacefully without condemning each other beliefs and try to prove others religions inferior to their own beliefs. This is the simple message of all these three religions which none of the religious scholars get it properly.

  4. Yes. and all three of the religions you named believe in the same god, the god of Abraham. If they would concentrate on that, they would see themselves as all children of the same god. This would be an insight that could provide the common ground we need to end the bloodshed.

  5. Ok here is a library pathfinder
    definition impeach…
    now after reading how it works here is a group working on it and book refrences.
    Title: The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office

    Authors: David Lindorff, Barbara Olshansky

    ISBN: 0312360169 Format: Hardcover, 288pp Pub. Date: May 2006 Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 32,282

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