The Sword of GOD?


I have been avoiding this for quite a while. I have understood for decades that the major religions have powerful political and social effects on the rest of us. Even if we are not members of a particular religion. Even if we are members of no religion at all.

I speak here not from the perspective of whether one religion is right and another is wrong, although that is very often the cause of many major problems. I speak of the social, political, and economic effects of religion. This is most problematic in religions that have churches that are little more then large, transnational corporations. These mega-religions sell their dogma much like McDonalds sells burgers. They have worldwide marketing campaigns. They own TV and radio stations. They own newspapers. They even own colleges and universities! The primary result is a marketing war much like coke vs. pepsi. If it was just an economic or intellectual or political or social war, that would be troublesome enough. Unfortunately, it far too often includes all of the above and turns into a shooting war.


Take the middle east as an example. There are all manner of religions practiced by people who live in that region. But as in almost everywhere else in the world the three religions with the highest number of members all warship the same “one true god of Abraham.” That they warship this god in different ways should be of little consequence and this would be true if they would simply follow the preaching of all the present and historical “leadership” who are ever quick to proclaim such things as “all men are my brothers,” “blessed are the peacemakers,” etc. Instead we have had millennium of endless, interconnected “holy wars” and co-genocides. Crusades, inquisitions, jihads, interventions and persecutions. The religious power elite are as bad as the economic and political power elite. These different flavors of the power elite have been allowed to repeatedly vilify and blame each other when their greed for money and power causes them to take their economic and political competitions to the extreme. Said extreme always comes in the form of: “MAY THE STREETS RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE NONBELIEVERS!”

We must begin the process of bringing the political, economic, and religious power elite under control. They and their corporations have become too large and too powerful. They have reached the point where they are truly above the law. This can’t go on! We must, all of us understand that these institutions and their “leadership” are all working to their own benefit, and their works do nothing good for the rest of us. We are mad, the vast majority of the human race, to starve, die in their wars, die of curable disease, and even kill each other in order that the rich and powerful will remain in charge. We must begin, here in the US by taking our government away from the two malfunctioning political corporations called the democrats and the republicans. We must do this in every election until they have become smaller and less powerful. We must turn these two mega corporations into just 2 of many other smaller such organizations. We can then demand of our government actions to reduce the size and power of the religious and economic corporations. This will put our children in much better stead then we are at present. THE CURRENT UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF THE RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CORPORATIONS MUST BE BROUGHT TO HEEL! It is our only hope for a peaceful and prosperous future.


The telepathic crickets on the editorial board wish to inform you all that there are no religions among crickets, but they suspect the ants and bees to be under the influence of religious cults!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 11, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Sword of GOD?”

  1. No disagreements at all as I myself is saying all this but majority of the religious people don’t understand my point of view. All they have for me insults and name calling instead of discussing the issue intelligently.

    God bless you.

  2. Fully agree, well said.

    I was thinking this weekend about how each religion developed from Abraham and how they are fighting like siblings.

    Religion has gotten completely out of control with its explosion of the tele-evangelist in the 19080’s. I’m not sure how to break their grip but if peace is ever to come to the planet then they need to be broken.

    What bothers me most about this is the photo of the soldiers praying. I have a problem with that. I understand their motive but it’s a church and state thing with me. They are after all in government clothing.

  3. I like the crickets view on things. Interesting connection between corperations and religon. I agree they are like a corperation trying to get more share holders and blind def and dumb soldgers for their cause.

  4. All throughout history, religion has played a significant role in politics. Certainly their role is not as strong as it was in the middle ages, but who can tell.
    It certainly is clear that most religions, either through choice or neccessity, operate and act like corporations. But make no mistake, corporations are the true powerhouse in government.

    I don’t know, as a soldier, if I was facing possible death everyday, prayer, even if to myself, seems appropriate…………..

  5. I often think of the life of institutions, which so quickly develop strategies designed to preserve themselves, self-convinced that since their cause is good, survival is, also. Religions become institutions pretty quickly.

    Trouble is, Jesus himself is profoundly anti-institutional, and gets in a great deal of trouble picking fights with people who require others to suffer for institutional benefit, and think they’re doing God a favor in doing so – which seems to be what Jesus despises more than anything else on earth. Luke is jammed with it.

    You, ClapSo my friend, have more in common with Jesus than do a thousand self-focused conservatives with “Jesus is Lord” bumper stickers on their pickups. You hurt.


  6. Spirit includes
    Dogma excludes


  7. Yup, and Jesus’ own execution resulted from the hatred of his inclusiveness by people convinced by dogma that God wanted them to be exclusive.

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