Poetry Break


I just felt like posting a bunch of my poetry today. Hope you don’t mind…

Requiem for the Last U.S. Soldier to (eventually) DIE in Iraq

First, my condolences to your family at their loss
They hardly knew ya, that you died so young

Said youth can be the reason why
You were seduced by the recruiters Siren’s song:

One weekend a month, and two weeks a year”

Nauseatingly ironic, that they pulled you
From the community college classes
You hoped to pay for with your service

Worse still, that you were sent by a coward
That vile socially promoted moron in the oval office
Who avoided combat in the Nam though use of family connections

What of the party of the JACKASS?
Did we voters not speak clear voiced in the 2006 election?
Wasn’t it enough that we swept the bloated corpse of the pachyderm
Out of both legislative houses
Leaving the donkey nothing more to do then use the mop of executive impeachment?

Alas, the party in legislative power
Is stupidly attempting to wash their hands in the
Contained in the leaky bowl of POLITICAL EXPEDIENCE

A question lingers on my mind
Had you lived another summer
Would you have been the one on the fated beach

That dove in to save the drowning son or daughter
Of a senator or congressperson?

To breath the heroic breath of CPR life
That our cowardly so called leaders have denied you
Into a person they hold dear?

Instead, they suffocate us all with their talking point inaction!
A CLEAR SHAME that HR 635 would have brought you home ALIVE!


On Condition of Anonymity

We live in a decaffeinated
Non-fat, soy based world

Forever correcting each other’s
Speech and actions

An endless quest for purity of thought, speech, and body
A low-cal, sugar free censored speech reality

The white cotton gloves of the mind
Are ready to sanitize our thoughts

Even when we attend a group meal there are demands
For a lesbian midget from Venus outreach
Lest dinner seem non-inclusive

Don’t step on no toes or spill your overpriced pure spring water
On that recycled, late 60’s coffee table

Hand me onea dem genetically engineered corn bumper stickers
Never mind that the farmers a starving

The sierra club is accepting your penance
Via check, money order, or credit card
For the sin of driving your
Urban assault vehicle S.U.V
To the health food store

Proper consumption will assure we regurgitate
The group neutral correct speak of the moment

Is there any way out of this maze
Of fashion based creative consumptive judgment?

I give you my benefit of the doubt
Unconditional love

On condition of anonymity

Men’s Lib

In an effort to build equality of the sexes
I pronounce myself liberated and will henceforth
Allow my dates to pay the restaurant and bar bills
Yes, date affirmative action!

When using the bathroom after a woman
I will scream at the top of my lungs
Damn woman, always leaving the seat DOWN!

Whenever someone refers to me as mister
I will insist on being called mers spelled M-E-R-S
Should someone ask why mers
I will ask why ms, spelled M-S?

I will never take out garbage or lawn mow again
These are considered “men’s work” by the sexist social structure
Men have been expected to do this kind of degrading work for far too long

I will instead spend hours or perhaps days
Running around the mall looking for
Just the right shade of chintz curtains
To match the new wall paper

When a woman tries to pick me up at bar
I will no longer accept a nice piece of ass
As has been expected of men

I will instead be seeking a gainfully employed financially secure provider
Who will bring home the bacon to build a stable nest
For the children I will bear

To those that say “wait a sec, men can’t bear children!”
I can only say this is exactly the kind of gender Based procreation myth
perpetuated by the chauvinist pigs who run this sexist, female dominated society

Brothers in liberation step away from that football game on TV
There’s quilting to be done!

Dichotomous Dialectic of War

We are under attack by a great evil
We must protect ourselves at all costs

We must go on the offensive
We must prevail
Our very way of life is at risk
We are in the right

The other side has attacked first
We are only protecting ourselves

All weapons must be brought to bear
Our warriors must be prepared
To sacrifice their lives
For our cause

In past
Believers of such PROPAGANDA

Have marched into Poland under swastika
Have destroyed Dresden or perhaps Coventry

Have flown bombing missions
Over the ho chi min trail

Have stormed or perhaps defended
Omaha beach on D-DAY

Have nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Or lorded over the Bataan death march

Have flown f-117’s over Baghdad
Or 767’s into the world trade center




The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on July 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Poetry Break”

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  2. Clapso,
    These are really good.
    I may quote from them
    (with reference ofcourse)
    if you don’t have any objections.

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