When the Truth is Always in Question…


We have reached the point where the truth is impossible to wring from the din. Where we are so constantly given every possible explanation, every possible possibility. Which choice is correct is now problematic because we can no longer trust the infomation we are given by the MSM or our own government. KO gives us the latest such choices in the following video:

As you can see KO calls the idiots in washingtOOn on their latest scam. Having reached the point where we no longer believe their lies. Having passed the point where even one of two lies will be believed by one half the populous, and the other lie will be believed by the other half. They have taken to telling us ALL POSSIBLE LIES AND THE TRUTH all in the same political breath. This leaves us only informed about what the possibilities are, without giving us any real hint at what the probability is. This is being done on purpose!



Fear is brought on by the half assed semi-analytical BELIEF that a prediction of yet to happen events will lead to a negative outcome. So long as we BELIEVE that bad things are happening some time in the future, we are in FEAR. The bush crime family wants us to be afraid. They have been using fear for years in order to control us. They have been using fear that scumbag fascist assholes exactly like the members of the bush crime family themselves are about to attack us. The idiots in our own useless government have been terrorizing us for years. We have to THINK. Fear is the mind killer! There may or may not be reason to fear that violent groups from outside the US will attack us. One thing is for sure though, a GOVERNMENT SHOULD FEAR IT’S PEOPLE, A PEOPLE SHOULD NOT FEAR IT’S GOVERNMENT! (this is a paraphrase of Thomas Jefferson) That point is made by “V” in “V for Vendetta.”


We need not blow up anything to cause our malfunctioning government to fear us. We need only let those in elected office know that they will not be reelected come the next election, if they don’t start working for our collective wellbeing. As it stands now, they have become used to the idea that they can bullshit us. We all need stand up and challenge them on their bullshit. We must stand strong against their attempts to scare us. We must prove we can think through their fear mongering.

I’ll make it easy for you:

We can no longer count on ANYTHING ANYONE IN ELECTED OFFICE SAYS. We also have no real idea, because our elected officials are now proven to be lying scum, what anybody outside our country is fucking well up to! This makes it easy not to fear any longer. Since we don’t have ANY RELIABLE INFORMATION via the government or the MSM, we can’t PREDICT ANY OUTCOME. Remember, fear is based on PREDICTING a negative outcome!

The time has come to turn the tables on the fuck heads in washingtOOn. The time has come to make them predict a negative outcome for THEMSELVES come the 2008 election. The stage is already set. They are casting about, the whole sleazy lot of em, looking for how they can bullshit us into voting for them. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS SAY WE WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR ANYONE WHO IS AN INCUMBENT COME 2008.

The useless dogs in the US house of representatives are already sweating like whores in church! Whether they be dems or repubs, they know the endless line of shit they have been spewing is running thin with We The People!

Your misrepresentative will be back home from washingtOOn for almost the entire month of August. The US house will be closed from August 6th through August 31th. Go to their local office in or near their town. You need not talk to the useless overpaid idiots themselves. Any staffer at their office will do. Tell whoever you speak to that if your congress moron don’t end the war in Iraq by refusing to fund it in the FY2008 federal budget, that THEY ARE FIRED COME THE 2008 ELECTION!

Whoever they are, repub, dem, somebody’s sister Mary, whatever, make them feel at risk. I did just that to the smug, pudgy face of my congress moron. I could see the FEAR IN HIS EYES! There is nothing an elected official fears more then loss of their office. After all they would have to face the unhappy prospect OF FINDING A REAL JOB and they don’t have any real job skills!

The telepathic crickets hope our misrepresentatives have their resumes ready for that McDonald’s job they will be applying for come post election November 2008!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer



~ by ClapSo on July 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “When the Truth is Always in Question…”

  1. I would absolutly positivly unequivitevly love enjoy and take glee in a clapso instruction manual to impeachment. Look in my favorate referance source for the ANSERS dot COM on impechment then fallow the crumbs to group looking to impeach bush and you will find books that show the plans. Lets make em swet! Feed them hot peppers till they shit super hot sauce.

  2. ClapSo, thanks for sharing the video. I avoid all video news, but I can see that I’ve missed a lot. You are so right to be so upset; business as usual has failed the US.

  3. I understand and agree what you are saying. The problem is majority of the voters who really does not cast their vote intelligently. Throw all the incumbents is the punishment majority of House Representatives and Senators deserve but when we have voters so stupid who reelected SOB like Joe Lieberman I really don’t have any hope in democracy or any hope that voters have the intelligence to elect honest truthful politicians.

  4. “Fear is the mind killer!”

    That’s my favorite line from “Dune.”

    So true.

    Thanks for the link. I’m heading home to return the favor.


  5. Haha, The New Hippocratic Oath. Comic relief in times of grief, sobs.

  6. To impeach George bush…
    1. A majority of the United States House of Representatives must pass a resolution that alleges the President committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    On the war crimes civil rights issues peoples privacys have been disected bisected and set aside … I am shure a blind man could trip over something GWB has done that qualifies if clinton can be considered unamerican or something for getting non-sex sex…?…

    This impeachment resolution is called a “Article of Impeachment”.

    The House of Representatives then uses the Articles of Impeachment by bringing them to the United States Senate.

    The Senate has the “sole Power” to “try all impeachments.

    If the U.S. Senate, by 2/3 vote, finds the President guilty on any Article of Impeachment, then the President is booted.

  7. Thanks for another great post.

    Impeach and vote them out. That’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it.

    The entire beltway lies. The MSM is complicit in the lies. At this point I feel like the country is being run by “the boy who wolf”

    The only problem with the Senate being the body to have the trial and boot the president, I don’t think you could get a 2/3 vote from that bunch. Especially with LIEberman hanging around.

  8. Thanks for sharing the video Clapso.
    The “vague intelligence” which contributes to “the gut” feelings in our national security leaders is very comforting.
    It appears “vague intelligence” is rampant in DC……

    Can we not see what is all around us?

  9. We have war on. Who better to lead us than someone who has experienced the Worst this war has to offer? (haven’t figured out what the “best” is) Cindy Sheehan for prez 2008. No more liars. No more death profiteers.

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