Thanks, I think…


I hope no one minds if I take a break today and deal with the lighter side of things. Most people who read this blog are used to seeing my daily rants about the serious problems we face here in the USA and on the rest of planet earth. Todays post ain’t about that…

Seeing how “I can has cheezburger” and the “cnn political ticker” fight it out to be top wordpress blog. The rest of us need take our recognition where we can get it. šŸ˜‰


The owners over at BlueBloggin have taken it upon themselves to inflict honor me with an chain letter award. All kidding aside, thanks nytexan and bosskitty. This really means a bunch coming from two fellow bloggers I read everyday because they always have something interesting to say!

One of the cool things about the “power of schmooze” award is it’s definition. It recognizes bloggers that take part in the community aspect of blogging. Those that answer comments posted on their blog and also comment on the blogs of others as opposed to those that just post and forget. I now have to, according to the design of this award, pick 5 other bloggers to pass this award on to. Since the kids at BlueBlogin already have one, I can’t give it to them. I’ve thought long and hard about this and the following are my choices in alphabetical order:

Arges Images
The blog owner is known here abouts as “m6fan.” His blog is an amazing combination of his photographs, poetry, and insights into what it all means to live in our world.

This is another exploration via photography and poetry by one known simply as “I” in her comments. Most of us refer to her as Jane though. She is an amazing artist and that she is only 14 years of age makes the high quality of her work even more amazing.

Left-handed Complement
Run by my fellow curmudgeon “mudge” this is another “cranky puss” šŸ˜‰ blog like mine. Mudge and I have lived long enough to know things are all screwed up, but aren’t old enough for the “home” yet. I have a feeling both he and I will be ranting and raving against the power elite for quite a few decades to come!

Me No Big Chief…
This blog is ably run by ” little indian.” This is one of those blogs that give info never seen elsewhere. The latest series of posts concerns the disputed territory of Kashmir. This blog is a must read for anyone wishing to gain insight into the wider implications of the war in Iraq and it’s surrounding countries. There are a host of other issues covered in this blog and poetry too!

Another excellently run blog, this one done by “QB’, is another daily read for me. Ya never know what all QB will be writing about on any given day, but whatever the subject you can expect a job well done at this blog.

There are a zillion other blogs I love, the 5 that I picked just seemed to fit the definition of this award best. Now comes the fun part. I get to say to the bloggers I chose “tag you’re it!” The way this works, you not only get to add the e-version of a “certificate suitable for framing” (The Power of Schmooze image) to your sidebar. You also each get to “tag” 5 other poor bloggers with this honor…

The Telepathic Crickets have assured me in no uncertain terms that the high level of recognition I have received via this award will not be allowed to go to my head…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 17, 2007.

10 Responses to “Thanks, I think…”

  1. Thanks, I think! šŸ˜‰

    Seriously, as a newbie to this process, I’ve been learning while doing, but having a blast doing it.

    Thanks for the recognition!


  2. Thanks, Clapso.

    I had to visit bluebloggers
    to learn what “power of schmooze” meant.
    For I have never had such huge muscles. šŸ˜€

    I just thought I was being (painfully?) opinionated in the safety of a blogger’s anonymity.
    If you reckon my opinions have any value, I may continue for a while longer.
    I have made some good friends here, as well as many ‘enemies’.

    Thanks for your recognition, I now have to live up to it.
    Little Indian

  3. My brother little indian, this recognition comes to you because you are a valued member of our community. We all get negative reactions to what we write in our blogs. The people who react negatively to my blog do it via email. for some reason, they are not willing to have it out with me in public.

    Keep writing from your own personal perspective little indian. That is where we get our own insights and share them. That is where DISCUSSION springs forth. That is where CONSENSUS is built. That is from where the POSITIVE CHANGE we need will come.

    That goes for mudge and the others too. I love to read your blogs because they always are written from your own personal perspective! Lets keep it going. I hope the 5 bloggers I chose will now pick five more. I am looking forward the seeing their choices!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. Thank your Clapso for your kind words and appreciation. This is mandatory for me to visit your blog everyday because you are honest truth loving peaceful person.

    Regarding blog ratings I personally really never care much. I only once visited I can has Cheezeburger and to me it may be good for majority of people but there is nothing which can attract my attention.

    Following are on my list of daily visits. All in alphabetic order on my blogroll.

    1. A View from bridge of Clapsotronics
    2. Doug’s Darkworld
    3. Grumpy Lion.

    You all deserve awards.

  5. Hey Clapso, Thanks man!
    I feel honored and will do my best to continue to Schmooze and do so solemnly swear that this honor will not go to my head.

    Quite frankly though, WordPress has been something I’ve yet to fully understand the phsychology of most of it’s members.
    I’ve been involved in other forums (primarily photography) and the difference is the level of involvement in those other forums. Generally speaking, when I used to post a post there, generally in a few hours you would end up with a dozen comments, some bad, mostly good, but you had this interaction……….here it’s like there are all these little islands I call bloggers, where people are doing there own thing and don’t necessarily get involved with others. I don’t care to tell you how many comments I would leave on other blogs and nary a response. Another interesting phenomenom is how many visits I get and people don’t comment. Probably for every comment, at least 20 visits or so.

    Why not just comment and say “hello, I stopped by, and you know I disagree with your viewpoint and here’s why, or say I like that shot because, or say you know I don’t quite get an impression out of that photo, or I don’t get your message, but here’s my point of view”

    I’m not looking for smoke up my ass, compliments and such. We’re all out here with a message!
    Here’s mine, what’s yours??

    Interaction Man! Interaction is how ideas get formed and you build consensus, exactly as you say!
    I just don’t get it. I think you said it best, it’s the community of blogging…’s how ideas get absorbed and shared. I’ve learned a lot in the month or so I’ve been part of WordPress. I have friends across the world to which I would never have connected with. I’ve seen eclectic personalities to which I’ve learned from and found it rewarding.
    QB said it, I don’t give a rats ass about ratings or such, I want to learn ideas from others, I want to give as much as I receive.
    On the other hand, there is truth to “dilution makes it weak…”
    The few fellow bloggers I’ve hooked up on a regular basis have been an inspiration and so rewarding….perhaps that focus group cannot be as rewarding if it is spread across a larger group.

    You know, you have been someone I’ve looked to ever since I joined WordPress and have been rewarded with support, learned a great deal from, found a resource for a well balanced view on life, whether it be Politics or the Arts.

    Sorry for my babbling on here………..
    In closing, Thanks Man

  6. Sure Alan, any time I can be of service. Thanks for the kind words.

    One of the reasons I like the idea of this particular award is that it is about the community aspect of blogging. As to the lack of comments, I think one reason is a type of “stage fright.” For every comment I get on my blog, I get 10 or 20 emails. I have my email address posted on my “about” page, so I make it easy for people that want to join the discussion, but not in public. I have asked several people who send me regular emails if they would please consider commenting here instead of sending me emails. They always say no and that’s a shame, but it is their choice and I have to respect it, even as I don’t like it.

    In any case we have a growing community of active bloggers that read each others posts and comment on each others blogs. I think the way to grow in number is for we who do this to keep doing it, even if we don’t get a response from most of the bloggers we respond too.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  7. Clapso:
    You have introduced me to 5 new blogs that sound right up my alley, thank you. I look forward to reading them.

    Congrats to all.

  8. Thanks Clapso! I was quite surprised as a relatively unknown blogger. The power of schmooze! Haha, save me the muscles.

    You know, I don’t usually go around commenting on blogs whom I don’t know the owner personally maybe because the same don’t happen to me. Its not actually the norm you see. I’ve been on fictionpress longer than I have than over here and yea, like alan’s forum, reviews there are often reciprocated.

    I think that blogs are created at first for use a personal diary and people are supposed to write about what happened that day, did it rain, what did I eat and so on.

    But blogs in wordpress are special, go look around blogspot and Zanga, somehow over here, we’ve got this scholarly atmosphere that somehow suited me well.

    I was using blogspot for a very long time before I switched and am glad I did. Wonderful people and blogs over here. You know, you never fail to introduce new perspectives in every one of your posts.

    You seem to have dabbled in every aspect of the arts! I went to your myspace profile and the one on the becoming of a poet was SCARY! Haha, I for one, would never become one according to your steps, but yes, I know, you’re kidding.

    Or is that your biography?

  9. […] I read Clapso’s description of a Schmooze, and was a bit reassured. One of the cool things about the ā€œpower of […]

  10. Jane, I always suggest that other artists dabble in as many media as they can. We all pick our main media, but it’s good to fool a bit with others. The answer to your last question is both. It is in fact my biography AND I was kidding in that I know we artists come from many backgrounds. I wrote that poem because I was asked to perform some of my poems at a very stiff academic poetry festival. I knew that every other poet there was a neo-formalist and I wanted something to shock the stuffed shirts. It worked, I brought the house down. Better yet, I have never been asked to preform at those kind of festivals again!

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