As the Senate Blows Smoke…


Enough theatrics! I’m tired of all this nonsense!

Democrats make all-night push for change in Iraq


By Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate continued debating the Iraq war in a rare session that was expected to run into Wednesday, when a showdown vote was set on a Democratic plan to withdraw combat troops by April 2008…


What a load of crap! Now we are getting slumber parties?

First, even if the dems get this bill passed g’dubya will veto it.

Second, it allows US troops to stay in Iraq beyond the “withdrawal date” of April 30, 2008.

Third, it will not end the war!

Resolved: this latest center ring, dog and pony show in the senate is a farce.

There are far better things that the dems should be doing to stop the war. They don’t intend to stop it! The dems see their house and senate approval ratings drop like a rock, and pull this big show in the hope that YOU will be fooled by it.

Here’s what’s gonna happen: the dems will rant and rave and this bill will not pass. Then they will rant and rave and blame the repubs. Then they will sing that now tired song; “we don’t have enough votes to stop the war.” Then the war will rage on.


Then we will get additional runway photo ops by the cringing dem “leadership.” Then we will get assorted new bleating and whining that the dems are being blocked by the repubs and the dems will sing in unison “we don’t have enough votes to stop the war.” Then they will throw up their hands and think of other useless symbolic events meant to convince YOU that the dems really, really wanna stop the war, but YOU will have to vote them more seats in the 2008 election. We need to kick as many useless dems and useless repubs as we can out in the 2008 election.

Here’s what the dems would do if they wanted to stop the war. Announce, loudly, that there will be NO FUNDING TO CONTINUE THIS CRIMINAL WAR IN THE FY2008 BUDGET. No money will stop this war in a very short time. This will give those fools in the pentagon time to institute a reasonable withdrawal plan. There is already money budgeted in the last supplemental that should be used to withdraw ALL our young people in uniform. I MEAN ALL! If g’dubya or any other member of the bush crime family so much as whimpers, IMPEACH THE BLOODY LOT OF EM.

If any of those powder pidgin “generals” in the pentagon fails to bring our kids out of that hell hole quickly and efficiently, knock that bastard down to buck private! That goes for any failure to adequately serve the needs of our vets once they return home. We have a whole bunch of injured kids and their families are just as hurt by this disaster of a war. We need to have a plan to heal em up! Any failure to do so will be on the heads of those idiots in the pentagon!


If the threat of impeachment don’t stop the crime family members in their tracks, then move to repeal the tax cuts to the rich the crime family gave out. We need that money to pay for all the stuff that needs fixing cause this war broke it. Speaking of broke, any idiot that votes for the “fiscal conservative” repubs after 6 years of the biggest deficits in history, while the repubs controled both house and the executive branch, is a damn fool!


The chart above only shows the first four free spending years of the bush crime family! The national debt is even higher then that. THE REPUBS ARE BORROW, BORROW, AND SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!


It’s time to cut up bush lightyear’s credit card. The only way to do that is to end this war! This war is not only a budget buster, but a complete failure as well. After 5 years of that moron g’dubya’s “global war on terror” the latest reports from the intelligence community indicate that al queda is as likely to attack the US as they were in 2001. They have grown in size and number! Every useless idiot that held elected office and voted yay when the vote was taken to authorize it, need be removed the next time they are up for reelection. OUT WITH EVERY DAMN ONE OF EM!

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board hope YOU don’t fall for this latest nonsense and consider voting for a dem or repub next election. Even crickets wouldn’t be that STUPID!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “As the Senate Blows Smoke…”

  1. The sad part of this all Representatives and Senators who voted in favor of Iraq invasion never read the NIE (which I believe was 80 pages report). Republicans and Democrats presidential candidates including Hilary, McCain, Dodd, Edwards are now trying to fool the voters that they were all very well briefed about that NIE report before vote. You must remember Senator Bill Graham of Florida who said that he voted “NO” after reading that report.

    Democrats are as much corrupt as Republicans, they are only interested in power which is given to them by the stupidity of the voters. These voters really don’t know what their elected representatives are doing in Congress.

    Democrats are scared to cut the funding for Iraq war because Republicans will blame Iraq failures on Democrats which are defined by Republicans and Bush as the “party of cut and run”, “weak on defense”, “don’t have the courage to fight tough war on terror”. Democrats wants to take over White House in 2008 even if they have to play political games with the lives of US troops.

    I have great respect for Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Pelosi who voted against Iraq invsaion. Dennis Kucinich is the most honest truthful politician who do not have any chance of winning because majority of voters do not have the intelligence to understand his message.

  2. Does this mean your for voting demicrat or republican?

    “hope YOU don’t fall for this latest nonsense and consider voting for a dem or repub next election. Even crickets wouldn’t be that STUPID”

    I think their needs to be a impeachment for dummies book. I see the other 2 from article on impeachment.

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