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We are coming up on the end of the third month of this blog. I have been thinking a bit about why I started blogging in the first place. The title of this post explains that. I started this blog with the hope that someday I would get about 200 hits a month. I have been amazed that I have been getting several times that many monthly hits. Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to read my babbling!

You will notice that the title of this post says “we.” I have been thinking about some of my fellow writers, who post their work on the net, and been wondering how I could share the wealth of readership I have here. There was a nice hint about how to do that when I was given the Power of schmooze award. I passed it on to five others and so shared the wealth. I already gave a plug to the blogs who I passed the award on to, so they won’t be mentioned in this post. If ya wanna see them again, click the award name.

This post is dedicated to other writers who post on the net. No award this time, just a suggestion that if you have time, please stop by and say hi to those I have included below. These people write to be read. I list them in alphabetical order. I hope you’ll read em! I’m hoping to share the wealth again…

Blog of the Unknown Writer
This one is written by Cris D’Angelo. She has had her ups and downs in her life, just like me. I hope you’ll check her blog out.

Bonkers Institute
This isn’t a blog, but it should be. This site tackles the absurdity of medical science, and especially psychiatric medical science. It is funny in a very wry way and an informative read as well!

Brads Brain
This one is written by Brad. Just stop by, you’ll love it!

Dancy’s Corner
David B. Dancy lives in the same city as I do. He writes about our city, country, world and himself. I read his blog regularly.

I will simply use some of the tags this blog owner uses to identify this blog: Mother Earth, Offload, Moments, Politics, Humanity, News. That’s just a sample of what you get on this blog!

John Galt’s Homepage
This is another site that isn’t a blog, but it should be! Read some of Johns essays, they tell you all about his interesting view of our world.

Jones Town
Fairlane writes one of the funnest and most insightful blogs I’ve ever read. He hits a lot of issues right on the dull head!

Monte Asbury’s Blog
Monte writes from a kinder, gentler christian perspective then has lately been the case with some christian organizations. Even though I’m of another religion, I find Monte’s posts to be meaningful in my own life.

Never Quite Contrite
Is written by kimthejournalist. She has a way of taking her day to day activities and writing about them is such a way as to give deep insight into larger issues. I have been reading her blog for months.

New World Dawning
Alethafaye lives in the same city as I and writes from a vegetarian and green perspective. Even though I think beef is the food of the gods, I still enjoy reading this blog everyday.

Is mostly interesting links that opit finds lying about. He rarely writes himself (unfortunately) but when he does it’s a real treat!

Our Descent Into Madness
Alway a fun read, this blog tackles serious issues in a truly original manner.

This site belongs to a close friend of mine Josh. If you have seen his comments on this blog, you won’t be surprised that this site aims to build an EEG that can be used to make things work by simply thinking about them. Yes, It is a GEEK WIKI! Really, for those interested in PIC hardware and programing, or those otherwise kinky enough, this is a really cool site!

Silly Things
One of the newest blogs here on wordpress, this one is written by Dee Dawning. I hope you’ll check it out!

This blog is pound for pound one of the most diverse as far as subject matter. You never know what will be the post of the day here, but you know it will be good!

Word Lefty
Written by a Canadian this blog gives an original and insightful take on all kinds of issues.

All the above are listed on my blogroll or under the heading interesting links on my sidebar to your right. As are a number of other sites I did not list in this post. Check em out!

The telepathic crickets are all excited because tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month, so that means it’s time for another edition of ClapSo’s Video Funhouse! We hope you will tune in for this weekend special edition!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 27, 2007.

12 Responses to “We Write to be Read”

  1. Thanks so much! We appreciate your readership and attention (link).

  2. The telephatic crickets applaud and appreciate the spreading of the word………………

  3. I know now, how Obelix (comic hero) felt
    being denied magic potion because he had some ages ago.
    I didn’t get a mention šŸ˜¦ ;because I got the award šŸ™‚
    Just kidding.

    may I just add, we also like to share.
    I feel discouraged at times, when I see the stats
    know five or ten or even twenty have read a blog,
    but none left a comment, would be nice if the readers shared with us too.

  4. Some great blogs you’ve mentioned there Clapso. Thanks. And thanks for putting my blog among them. I feel mightily complimented to be amid such excellent company.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, buddy! Hopefully I’ll soon be able to take some time and go through everybody on the list.

  6. Clap

    Thanks for the compliment, I truly appreciate it.

    You’re a talented writer yourself, and your perspective is unique for sure. Good writers have a way of getting noticed.

    Little Indian, I agree about the comment thing, but a lot of blogs deal with that issue. Several of the blogs I’m linked with get 1000’s of hits per day, and still only 5 or 6 people comment on some of their posts.

    Most people simply don’t comment. I imagine it’s fear in many cases because they don’t want to look “stupid.”

  7. Nice thought you have here. Now you know how I got started.
    I despaired of coming up with ever varying ‘points to ponder’ but knew there was lots to appreciate. Not nearly prolific enough to command continuing interest,limited by time and not convenient to a partner, I cheated by providing a forum for newbies to find each other and expand their contacts. Those BlogRolls are a great resource if you use them. Of course, net buddies make the experience take on a new dimension.
    I assume you’ve discovered Matt’s BlogSurfer for WordPress. I also use Bloglines, Pageflakes, Net Vibes ( 2 – one has Mashup ) and Newsburst : the different ones are ClipMarks, CoComment and Widgets. Yahoo has their separate utility – last on the BlogRoll – while Opera embeds in the browser ( I haven’t really given that the trial I had with Yahoo )
    Thanks for the ‘high five’. I’ll take consolation in the performers’ maxim : ‘always leave them wanting more’.

  8. Aha, guess who?

    You know, for some reasons, I can’t comment as ‘ I’ over here at your blog– I just discovered how to now. Seems like the time where I had to reply comments as ‘me’ on my blog!

    Those blogs are great, I took time to surf through a few! Interesting people.

    You know, you don’t look like you’ve been here for 3 months, its as if you’ve been here forever.

  9. 1000ā€™s of hits per day,
    and still only 5 or 6 people comment on some of their posts.

    @ Fairlane,
    My stats are brilliant in comparison,
    I am lucky to get a 100 hits per day, but average 4-5 comments.
    I feel better now. šŸ˜€

  10. Do you guys check out your ‘Technorati Rank’ ? It will at least give you an idea of how things are coming as far as being listed/cited, etc. Backtracking gives a much better idea of who has a real interest in what you are doing.
    Comments are very hit-and-miss. little indian has it right -his incidence of commenters is high. Out of 8934 total views, I’ve had 280 comments : many of which are my responses. That’s since Dec 05.

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