Gun Smoke gets in Your Eyes


Here we go again! The bullshit being spewed by the repubs and dems concerning this failure of a war is now chin deep. They finally awakened to the truth that WE THE PEOPLE want this war to END! What have they done? Have they come together in a “nonpartisan manner” and negotiated a reasonable withdrawal date and plan? NOPE! They are instead scheming to beat each other POLITICALLY by offering competing REDEFINITIONS of the war in an effort to continue it unabated!

There are those who still believe the repub bush crime family can “achieve victory” in Iraq. I think these people are clearly out of their minds! Crazier still, are those that believe the dems will end this war. The dems voted to authorize it, along with the repubs, in the first place. They did nothing to stop it over the last almost 5 years. They have voted to continue funding it, and will add to the hundreds of billions already spent, by continuing to fund this war in the FY2008 budget. It’s time to get a clue dem supporters. The dems suck as bad as the repubs! The forces of idiocy are running loose calling for voting dem in 2008 as the answer to all our problems. The truth is the dems will be as bad as the repubs. Slick willy was as worthless on domestic issues and willing to use military action as g’dubya is. The two parties of the apocalypse are just paying YOU lip service.

Here’s the repub smokescreen:

More in GOP want Iraq military limits

By ANNE FLAHERTY and KIMBERLY HEFLING, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – Republicans increasingly are backing a new approach in the Iraq war that could become the party’s mantra come September. It would mean narrowly limited missions for U.S. troops in Iraq but let President Bush decide when troops should leave.


I say lets send this useless lump of protoplasm, this “made man” in labushanostra, bon bon, to the war zone!

Here’s the dem smokescreen:

Dems reviving push for troop withdrawals.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior Democrat said Tuesday it was obvious the Iraqi government has made no progress and the only way to propel it was to begin pulling out U.S. troops.


I think this lady who does lunch would make a fine humvee partner for bon bon! Lets send em both “for the duration” and have em drive around in circles looking for a roadside bomb with their names on it!

Both parties are TALKING about when our young people in uniform are going to be brought home. They haven’t DONE anything to make it happen though. The repubs want that criminal g’dubya to decide. The dems want to talk about “withdrawal” and blame the bush crime family installed “Iraqi government” for the failure of the war. Both the dems and the repubs are responsible for the failure in Iraq. That goes for BOTH the war AND the installed “government” there! Both parties are making nothing more then public relations efforts aimed at getting YOU to fall for voting for them again in the 2008 elections. The bullshit industry, the MSM, is taking part in this scam by trying to pass off repub and dem party line nonsense as a “debate.” None of the current bullshit coming out of washingtOOn is in any way an EXIT STRATEGY!

Resolved: An exit strategy would clearly state that US forces will begin leaving on (insert date here) and ALL US FORCES will be gone by (insert date here) leaving NO US BOOTS ON THE GROUND!

That is the debate I wanna hear! Not if, maybe, when the bush crime family feels like it, what the generals think, if the moon and stars and planets align in just the right way, etc. NO MORE BULLSHIT! I wanna hear when we are withdrawing ALL our young people in uniform! When will THE LAST ONE come HOME?

It is clear to all by now that this war has continued past the point of any sensible, reasonable time frame. I was one of the few that was against it from before the bush crime family sent the first troops there. I have been against it for years now! I wanna know when will it be over? When will our kids be coming HOME?

My oldest son is over there. He was supposed to come home in November. Now they have extended his deployment until December. I have every reason to believe that it will be extended again. This is what we who have loved ones in uniform are forced to suffer with. Never knowing when, or even if, they will come home alive. This is not the way we should live! We should know in advance when our loved ones are leaving to serve and when they will be coming home! There aren’t any kids from the bush crime family serving. They are all home safe and sound. OUR KIDS are dying over there.

Here’s the story of a 26 year old army reservist who has served FOUR DEPLOYMENTS and now they want to send him a fifth time!

“Erik Botta believes he’s done right by his country. Days after Sept. 11, as a young Army reservist, he volunteered to go to war. He was soon in Afghanistan. The next year, he was sent out again, this time to Iraq, part of a Special Operations team. In the next two years, he was sent to Iraq again. And again. He thought he was done. But now, the Army wants Sgt. Botta one more time.”

So much for the recruiters sirens song of “one weekend a month and two weeks a year!” Sgt. Botta is suing the army, and I don’t blame him! I hope he wins. Seems to me there should be a bush or cheney kid of military age that would be proud to serve in Sgt. Botta’s place. After all the bush and cheney families “support the troops” right? If anyone out there has a chance, ask any of the members of the bush crime family when their kids are gonna join the glorious war effort by signing up to fight it! Bet the scumbags in washingtOOn don’t answer that question. That goes double for those other chicken hawks, the useless, pro-war dems!

On top of all this the bastards in washingtOOn are spending our tax dollars on this:


While millions of our fellow citizens are without the means to pay for health care! While most of us are losing economic ground and falling into POVERTY! WTF!? The rich are getting ever richer from the war profiteering that is going on. This war is a socialist redistribution of wealth from all of us to the pig rich war profiteers!

The number of Iraqi’s killed and injured is hardly mentioned by the MSM. The number of people forced from their homes, who can’t make a living in their war torn country, the number of children who are out of school and without a viable future, these are considered “collateral damage” to those elected idiots in washingtOOn!

WE can’t allow these useless bastards, both dem and repub, be elected again come the 2008 election! We have to remove as many of them as we can! YOU can’t sit this election out! YOU just CAN’T! YOU can’t get blinded by the gun smoke. YOU have to see clearly, YOU have to get off your asses and vote the two parties of the apocalypse out! We need sweeping change in our government, and getting rid of as many of the currently elected con artists as we can is the only way to do it! Come September, when the dems and repubs continue to fund this disaster of a war and raise the out of control military budget to a new high, I hope you’ll be as mad as hell and be ready to VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT!

Remember this is the scene that is taking place EVERYDAY over there:


Don’t get blinded by the gun smoke! We have been hearing for decades that all we need to do is vote for the dems and they will take care of it. They have been in power and the repubs have been in power and I have seen NO DIFFERENCE in my life or in our governments policies and actions between the two parties! Both parties are a failure! In fact, both parties ARE THE FAILURE! We need kick em both out of power. LETS FIRE THE WHOLE BLOODY LOT OF EM!

The telepathic crickets are as sickened as I am by the continuing bloodshed and suffering…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Gun Smoke gets in Your Eyes”

  1. Clapso what you are saying is absolutely true and correct. Americans had the chance to change the direction of war but it is sad to say that American voters are not intelligent enough to do so like Ecuadorians, Bolivians and Nicaraguans. Democrats have the very good choice to nominate one of the two candidates who would have end the war by now Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich. Democrats chose John Kerry who himself don’t know what would be his policy which was very bad and dumb choice. Voters really did not wanted to change the course on Iraq because they were so duped by Bush propaganda that US is winning the war on terror. To cut it short Democrats again have Dennis Kucinich who is honest politician which they can chose as their next Presidential candidate if they really want to see change in Iraq war policy. I know I know that Dennis Kuncinich do not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or George Clooney but the voters should look at their policies not how they look like. Democracy in US is not really working with vast majority of ilinformed voters.

  2. I have to hand it to you Clapso. You write some powerful shit.

    Well done.

  3. Yes QB, that’s why those of us who know the truth need to speak louder!

    Thanks fairlane…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. Clapso, very powerful writing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    My generation, a little older than yours, makes me crazy when they all but deify Cindy Sheehan. That’s the old-style, knee-jerk stop-the-war, war is bad, child of the sixties stuff that a lot of people never got over (especially if they avoided serving over there).

    Sometimes, there is no substitute for war. But, you have to want to win, and apply sound military priciples to do so (you know, like putting overwhelming force in place to get the job done), something that our coterie of fanatics running the country haven’t ever figured out.

    I’m hoping that you son makes it out of there in one healthy piece. Thanks again for a great read.


  5. Thanks for stopping by Mudge. I think that the only time our country should war on another is when we are invaded by another countries military. This present “war” is undeclared and against a people whose army did not invade us, and in fact who we invaded!

    Cindy Sheehan is not in the category of knee-jerk. She came to her strong anti-war stance after her son was killed. I support what she is doing because she has learned that our government is out of control and she is working to change that.

    Thanks for your kind wishes for my son, I’m hoping we can bring all our young people in uniform home in one piece…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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