Question, Think, Speak, Change…


I have seen the following film several times and have been thinking about what parts of it I consider true and what parts I have questions about. It’s almost 2 hours long so I don’t suggest you start watching it until you have the time to see the whole thing, but I do suggest you watch it when you get a chance.

It takes a while to get going. The beginning is a bit drawn out. Then it goes into an interesting discussion of religion. I found it interesting because it shows how all the worlds religions have many things in common and share a common source. It also goes into the social control aspect of religion that is very rarely discussed. There is a questioning that takes place as you watch this part, and that is the real beauty of this film. One need not take the films answers as truth, one need only take part in the questioning. That is part one.

Part two then goes into several and sundry other agents of social control. Again with a view toward questioning what is true. It’s all about the questions. The film maker supplies us with his answers, it is up to each of us to decide what is true for ourselves.

Part three is more of the questions the film maker has about how we are controlled and by whom. There are several links at the bottom of the film makers home page that continue the discussion. You can see that home page at:

I have also linked it under the heading interesting links on my sidebar.

Although I can’t say everything in this film is what I would consider my personal truth, the questions are healthy to ask and our own conclusions are the point. This film is certainly worth watching, as I said above I have watched it several times myself. The real point of this kind of work is to shake our consensual group belief system enough to get us to think for ourselves. I have been dissatisfied with the answers that authority figures have given me as truth my whole life. This has led me to question EVERYTHING.


Throughout my life, the few times I’ve allowed myself the laziness required to not question, and instead just believe what I’m told, I have been slapped with the truth later on. It didn’t take me long to realize that the best way for me to live is as a person that is ever questioning. In a world where the power elite are caught lying and deny it thus:

Where these kind of bastards even lie about whether they have lied. It is most important for the few of us that question, spread this questioning to others. If we stay silent and dismiss the idiots who still believe the lies spread by our so called leaders, we allow our world to be run by thieves. I am tired of being conned and robbed. I HOPE YOU ARE TOO…

The telepathic crickets have real questions about all my questioning šŸ˜‰

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on July 31, 2007.

One Response to “Question, Think, Speak, Change…”

  1. Two hours means I will not be watching this video anytime soon. There are common grounds in Judaism Christianity and Islam which are ignored by the great religious scholars of the religion (who claimed to the be owner of religions) for the material gains. All these three religions have very balanced social economic message without giving any importance for taking huge profits by oppressing the employees. We all are controlled by Politicians and religious scholars.

    Clapso this is what I believe without watching video.

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