Enemy du Jour…


I’ll be hitting my 49th birthday next month. I have been thinking about how many “enemies” my country has had just in my lifetime. it seems to be a list that the current crop of elected idiots in washingtOOn is hell bent on adding to! The following is just the short list.

Since I was born in 1958 the enemy has been:


1) “The Commies” First the Russians, then the Chinese, then the Cubans, then the Russians and the Chinese and the Cubans. Then there were a whole host of south and central American leaderships, and other countries governments, that were referred to as commies. This worked out fine for the pig rich war profiteers for decades. They pointed out the commies, they made citizens of the US fear a commie attack, they spent our tax dollars like drunken sailors on military procurement. They got ever richer with the help of the useless “elected” dogs in washingtOOn. The rest of us got ever poorer. Then the soviet union fell and the commies weren’t scary enough to sell us huge military expenditures anymore.


2) “Drug Kingpins” The ronnie raygun regime was faced with quite a dilemma. Having lost “international enemy number one” with the fall o the USSR, huge military budgets could not be sold with fear of the commies anymore. That’s when ronnie INC. started the “war on drugs.” This was just the transitional enemy. The “drug dealers” became less important when the next enemy was realized to be even more costly to fight and therefore more profitable for the corporateers in the arms business.


3) “Islamofasist Dictators” AND special bonus enemy du jour: TERRORISTS! Yes, the military industrial complex profiteers have hit the jackpot! No more worries about losing an enemy like they did with the commies. They are sure to be able to find countries to attack far into the future with the broadly defined current enemy!

OK! YES! I know! We can’t let madmen run wild in the world! We have to defend ourselves from tyrants who build up their armies and produce nuclear weapons. We can’t let these MANIACS terrorize and kill innocent people! We can’t let our fellow humans lose their human and civil rights. We have to remove such CRIMINALS from power! That goes DOUBLE for any government official that gives such murderous criminals SAFE HARBOR!


The following are just the sort of murdering criminals we should insist be brought to JUSTICE! YOU can’t sit idly by as these madmen run loose in the world. It is your duty to bring these terrorists to justice! Here is the real enemy:

Terrorist in chief!


Vice terrorist!

As to whom is giving these murderous criminal dogs safe harbor, here is but two of the many guilty parties in washingtOOn:


Lady who does lunch instead of impeachment!


Lady in waiting who would be queen! She will be happy to continue the war if she becomes prez! Her little hubby, and former “co-president” was just as trigger happy as all our other presidents. I have no doubt that the second klingon klinton ko-presidency will be just as bloody as the first!

YOU must do your duty as a citizen of this country and as a member of the human race here on planet earth! YOU MUST REMOVE THESE USELESS DOGS FROM OFFICE COME THE 2008 ELECTIONS! Vote for ANYONE NOT A DEM OR REPUB! To do any less will doom our planets children to lifetimes filled with war, destruction and poverty!

The telepathic crickets hope ya hear me knockin’!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Enemy du Jour…”

  1. Excellent very true analysis of US government policies. My endorsement really does not mean anything. I strongly “ENDORSE” Dennis Kucinich for the next President of USA.

  2. This is the way Clapso. This is what those in power always do. Distract people with the Lions of the world while the Fox steals the eggs.

  3. C’mon. Stalin was not really an enemy. He put a lot of people and their lives on the line to save America from being conquered by Germans. That’s hardly qualifies for “enemy”. The rest is pretty good, I agree…

  4. Why was saddam hussain killed

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