What We Can Do!


We can make change happen by being aware and involved in our world. Awareness is difficult in a world where the bullshit industry is forever selling us the party line of the power elite. The way to avoid being conned by the bullshit industry sales job is to:


There are now so many alternate sources of information, from books to blogs, that YOU can find out ANYTHING just by reading! This is the first step each of us must take if we want change.



This seems to be really difficult for some people. They get so used to going along to get along, they don’t bother to think anymore. YOU must think about how any action taken by our government will effect YOU. Don’t take their word for anything, the two parties of the apocalypse are masters at “spin.” They can convince, via the bullshit industry, a large number of our fellow citizens that the worst agenda and action is good for us when it ain’t. YOU don’t have to fall for this shit anymore!



YOU can’t be afraid to speak your mind. Take this disaster of a war. I was one of the very few who was against it before the first US boot hit the ground. I ran around screaming that this invasion would be a disaster. I was attacked by wingnuts with the claim that I was being “unpatriotic.” I can’t tell you how many of those once war supporters have since changed their minds and admitted that I was and am right about the war! YOU must stand up and shout your unhappiness with the status quo. By doing this, we begin to change minds which leads to changed outcomes. Speaking out changes other people, and then together we change the world!



We can only be heard by those in earshot when we speak. The way to reach many more people with our message for change is to write. Once written, our words can now travel at the speed of light all over the world! We live in a time where the bullshit industry monopoly is broken. You can be read by a huge number of people if you post your work on the net. This scares the hell out of the power elite and their bullshit industry! Regular people transmitting their thoughts all over the world? This is not a good thing for the bullshit industry flacks! Check out how SCARED they are of we bloggers over at fox snooze and the other MSM shit houses:


Gandhi said it best: “We must BE the Change we seek in the world.” YOU must first change yourself to BE what you want to BE. Then YOU can join with like minded others to make change in the world. Such change doesn’t happen overnight. YOU need to do it ONE PERSON AT A TIME. First yourself, then one other. Then together. Before you know it we have a MOVEMENT!


There are a number of social protest groups (among other sites) listed under “Other Interesting Links” on my sidebar. I also wrote an earlier post dedicated to some of these groups. You can read that post here:

Ain’t Gonna Make no War NO MORE!

I suggest YOU check some of them out and join them if you see fit. Most can use any support you can give them: volunteer your time, donate some money, attend their events, etc. You will find that you are building a network when you get involved with groups like these, and this too improves our ability to make change. Don’t forget to vote third parties come election day. The dems and repubs are in cahoots! They only speak to bullshit YOU and act to benefit only the power elite!


The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I are glad we have YOU on our side!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “What We Can Do!”

  1. I love the Orwellian reference .

    People have no idea the grave state that we, The average citizen of the world, are in.

    I was one of those guys who felt if we go over to Iraq it will touch off a conflict that will span generations. I was swept up in the revenge fervor and i felt risking our future peace to get ‘the killers’ was the right thing to do.
    The absurdity of war.
    The power of profit & a good storyteller
    Lets talk about the power elite.
    The power elite (big oil & tobacco) have always been tied into the christian fundamentalist movements. These groups are alwasys discussing armegeddon. I am afraid because self fulfilling prophecies are a very real phenomenon.
    I am praying for mother nature to take back part of what is hers, render us useless for a while.
    Most people only care about the shelves at price chopper. the gas pump most people only look up when their computer crashes or the power goes out.
    no one cares we can have a utopia on earth now.
    we have god like abilities technologically, medically but not spiritually. the primitive prelapsarian mindstate will never be recaptured.
    damn you eve
    damn you

  2. Clapso,
    words of reason and wisdom.
    Let us make the change we wish to see…..
    By every thought, act, and ommission.
    By every demeanor, inflection, and sign.
    And most importantly, empower and educate each other, our neighbors, community, group, city, village, and town.

    The Power of an Idea………Peace.

    And I agree with David,
    Most people only care about the shelves at price chopper. the gas pump most people only look up when their computer crashes or the power goes out.

    We need to get the masses to CARE….

  3. …remember that there are ways of making change by ‘working together’.

    REvolution never comes with a warning! it’s only a matter of time…

    -the civil rights movement…
    -women’s liberation…
    -bolshevik Revolution of 1917…
    -French Revolution of 1789…
    -hippie movement (aka-counterculture reformation) on religious belief, personal identity, freedom of speech, music and arts, fashion, alternative technology or environmentalism and decentralised media of 1960….
    -cuban Revolution of 1959…
    -great proletarian cultural revolution of 1966…
    -quiet revolution of the 1960s…


  4. That’s it! It’s the power of each person to do something. Once we all realize that we can make things happen! I might not be able to change the world on my own, but maybe I can influence other people to help me out. We need to make this kind of activism more socially acceptable. Why is it that political apathy is the norm?


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