We’ve Been Trained Like Pavlov’s Dogs…


In comments to my last post:

Dancy said: “you are an optimist, I honestly think most people just do not care”

Fairlane said: “People are innately selfish, and lazy. It’s easier to allow others to think for them.”

Little Indian said: “What I ask is how did the country allow it for so long? is there a way back, or is it too late for even that?”

These are all very good points and the rest of this post will attempt to explain my thinking concerning these matters.

Thirty years ago a film called “Network” warned us what was happening and what was coming…

At first blush the character Howard Beale seemed crazy, then he seemed prophetic, then he was sold the bill of goods thusly:

Many people who have seen this film remember the “I’m as mad as hell…” part, but this last clip is the real point of the whole film. It shows how the power elite will always find a way to co-op any attempt to challenge their power. The network executive in the clip explains the “ownership society” and “globalization” thirty years before they were called such. In 1987 we got the film “Wall Street” which again shows the power elite sales job:

Notice how in the preceding two clips, the economic hijacking of our lives and our world is described as the “natural order” and part of “evolution?” This is the ringing of Pavlov’s bell. YOU are supposed to salivate at such. YOU are supposed to knee jerk support these ridiculous claims. You are supposed to believe that it is “natural” and “right” that the pig rich thieves are robbing the rest of us blind. In the following video I use the Pavlov metaphor in relation to war, I can just as easily have written the poem in this video as “The Pavlovian Dogs of Competition salivate as the Bells of Corporate Economy are Sounded by Fascists.” War=competition, patriotism=corporate economy, THE POWER ELITE ARE FASCISTS:

The first solution to our problems is to not salivate when they ring the bells. This is called having personal insight. When you understand what the power elite are up to, then you can think about how this shit effects YOU. Having ascended above the spitting dog level, having left the cheap and easy emotional reaction that has been programed into us all behind. YOU can think about what YOU can DO TO MAKE CHANGE. This is how you can “take the red pill:”

“The Power Elite” by C. Wright Mills is the best book I’ve ever read about our permanent war economy. In it Mills takes us back to the US Civil War to explain where the military industrial complex got it’s big start. This book is over 40 years old, and it still is as fresh as if it were written last week!


In this book C. Wright mills explains what went wrong and why it happened. At this point we are wisest to concentrate on WHO is profiting from all this:

060430_georege-w-bush.gif13.jpgn-pelosi-300dpi-photo-small.jpgcaptsgejso04081106150722photo00photodefault-426×512.jpgboehner.jpgimage.jpgmanuel_noriega.jpgstalin_color555.jpgrumsfeld4.jpgimage1775952.jpgann-coulter-nazi.jpgdow600.jpgoreillymad3.jpg These are just some of the people who have been screwing us for years. They must be removed from power. THE GOVERNMENT MUST BE BROUGHT TO BEING OF ,BY, AND FOR WE THE PEOPLE! Then we can insist that the government serve not the pig rich corporateers, but all us humans.

We can do this best by voting for third parties come the 2008 election. As it stands now the two parties of the apocalypse have a monopoly over our political system. By removing as many of these conspirators as we can, we can let them know we are on to their bullshit. Once we put the fear of We The People into the hearts of the political power elite, we can then INSIST that the economic power elite be brought to heel!

The telepathic crickets want you to figure out what YOU can DO to make change. That’s from where the passion to make change springs forth. Personal direct action from individual humans, working from their own personal perspective. Don’t worry about CHANGING EVERYONE, make change one person at a time. You are NOT ALONE, we are all in this TOGETHER!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “We’ve Been Trained Like Pavlov’s Dogs…”

  1. As a movie fan and political junkie, I find it incredibly embarrassing that I’ve never seen Network. I’ve totally gotta search that out.

  2. Network was great.(Remember The China Syndrome?)
    I was a child when it came out.
    I like the conversation that is evolving around these subjects . The blinders are being removed. We all need to ask ourselves if we want a Bastille Day in America. The sentiment and pent up anger just needs to be sparked.
    I am straddling a dangerous line; the technological capability of the Military Congressional Industrial Complex(MKULTRA) has been able to snuff out any significant form of dissent.
    Our political process is designed to enroll revolutionaries into the ideal to be a part of great change but not at the expense of Proctor and Gamble or Sara Lee.
    The process of power through the vote is the same as any initiation, the winner becomes alienated and their understanding of the common man becomes distorted. The maintenance of power becomes the most important thing .
    War is such a good business, misery is profitable. We wrap our minds around the concepts of profit and power when really its about sleeping and eating……… everything else is gravy.

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