Waiting for the Savior…


There are those who believe that a savior is coming. Those true believers who follow the words of ron paul or hillery or obama or guliani or any of the other celebdidates. These people just don’t get the truth about the two parties of the apocalypse. Whether you live in a blue state or a red state, what you should be concerned about is living in a state of poverty. If you are not now completely broke, you may find yourself so very soon. Between the out of control military spending…


…of the last several decades that has skyrocketed the national debt:


To the complete failure of the “credit card economy” to sustain itself with the next bullshit boon. There is an accounting a coming and the pig rich are not gonna pay the bill. We are! We are paying with the blood of our young people in uniform. We are paying with our tax dollars. We are paying through lower wages and benefits:


We are paying with higher prices at the pump:


We are paying more for food and housing:


The thanks we get for all this is that we will be paying when all the crazy shit the power elite have been up to comes blasting home. There is a real crisis a brewing. They have been running the economy like a playground for the super rich for far too long.

The insanity of the sub-prime mortgage debacle is spreading to the investment and other banks. Debt laden consumers are incapable of borrowing to sustain their spending. Housing equity loans and credit cards are maxed out. It’s only a matter of time before the credit crunch brings the whole economy down in flames.


The only way to stem the bleeding would be an increase in wages, and that ain’t gonna happen. Real wages adjusted for inflation have been dropping for decades.


When it all hits the fan, don’t worry about the pig rich. They have all their assets protected in foreign banks. It is we who will suffer and whoever is in control of our government, be they dem or repub, they will borrow even more money, if they can, and dump the cost via taxs on us, our kids, and even our grand kids. They don’t care about us. There is no savior coming out of the two parties of the apocalypse. We are economically doomed, it’s just a matter of when, not if! Our only hope is voting third parties in the 2008 election! Then we have a chance of getting elected officials who are not corrupted by the two party system…

The telepathic crickets and I are debt free and own little more then the clothes on our backs. We hope you are in the same state of readiness. The coming economic crash could make the great depression seem like the good old days…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “Waiting for the Savior…”

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  2. Celebdidates….classic.

    You are touching on some very important , prophetic nerves.

    The power elite know they are burning the candles at both ends.
    But I think we need to specify which segment of the power elite we are referring to when we talk about threats to humanity.

    I specifically fear the big oil/tobacco more than the military industrial congressional complex. Even though they have been in cahoots for a long time the military has known for along time it will function someday without the need for gas.
    Big oil holds fast to the status quo, squashing any discoveries, preventing humanity from moving forward just like Thomas Edison did Nikola Tesla
    We have a solid forty fifty, years at the current consumptionm levels, the companies will not let go of their market shares and promote positive alternatives. We will drive straight to hell once the chinese really get going. The demand will increase and our air will get smogier.
    That disturbs me more than war. You can’t fight a war without a planet.

    disturbed dancy

  3. don’t worry about the pig rich. They have all their assets protected in foreign banks.

    There is always a limit
    to what society/humanity will accept before they revolt.
    Did the French aristocracy ever dream of the fate that awaited them?

    Does the common American, have any fight left in them to rise up and revolt?

  4. Something certainly seems to be brewing on the economic front. China supposedly dumping the dollars is frightening, and I don’t care for how the stock market is reacting. We have an economy built on a lot of delusion right now, and I it does seem we may be on the verge of a pretty traumatic adjustment.

  5. Unlike previous “market adjustments”, the global economy has placed virtually every egg in a single basket – certainly for the oil dependent, industrialized countries. Additionally, as a species we will be facing a recovery period limited by the extreme damage wrought on regional ecosystems during the 20th century. Regardless, global climate change will have rendered most predictions mere speculation. How far global warming has gone our grandchildren will determine.

    I am inclined to believe that most regional communities and perhaps entire societies will not be capable of reorganization. Equatorial African countries are lost I’m afraid; the great plains and south-west of North America will be scrubland and desert in 50 years.

    At the very least, obtaining a higher degree of “honest” governing in the coming decades will help “developed” countries salvage what resources still remain available to them when the collapse comes.

    As for the immediate future? Resource Wars. First war for control of the earth’s oil, then fresh water. At some point I see a struggle for arable soil. We’re not that far removed from a global agricultural collapse…

  6. ClapSo

    You are a busy man! Thank you for all the researching and synthesizing you do.

    I think we have all been mesmerized by television. American idol supersedes American History.

    best regards

  7. Thanks for the excellent comments all! Keep em coming, we need to talk about all this shit! It ain’t gonna get better if we stay silent!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. I dislike the song with the lerics “waiting for the world to change” seems like a cop out…

  9. charge pump circuits and the stuff in beam robotics can kick on and off fans and lights based on small wind and solar panels. I think they might be good to bring some nessesitys like food dehidrators in eurban aireas off grid. Off grid power and a free issue on it at home power magazines site.

  10. So many of us have been turned into addicts–addicted to Tee Vee, to pharmaceuticals, to credit that pays for our many expensive diversions. The credit cards turn people into indentured servants. At a time when we need more community gardens in urban areas governments are taking them for corporate use. The wobblies (IWW) talk about the general strike. It might have to come to that for the people to be taken seriously.

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