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One of the things we bloggers love to write about most is blogs and blogging! I have not really done too much writing about such and don’t want the other kids to think I’m weird or something! So I decided to do todays post about some of the sites and services I use to support my blogging.

Since I’ve been writing this blog for over three months, I have been thrilled with the growth (both personal and in the blogs readership) I have gained here. Most of this growth is due to the readers of this blog and their great comments. Thank you all for coming by and sharing. That is the main reason I write this blog, so others can read and comment!

A blog is like a daily party. You do your best to invite people, and then hope they come. Unlike a real life party, people don’t show up at the door with bottle in hand. The question then becomes, how many people showed up to todays blog party? That is why the geek gods made “stats.” The easiest to see and most unreliable stat is the number of comments a blog gets. I say it’s unreliable because since I first started this blog till now it has gotten about one comment for every one hundred hits it gets on average. So number of comments is not a very good indication of how much growth in readership a blog is experiencing.

Fortunately, there are a zillion sites we can use that give us a set of stats for our blog. I’ve tried several and the following are the ones I use. They are listed in alphabetical order both in the title and below so no one thinks I’m playing favorites. I like them all equally! Just click on the names if you want to check these sites out!

This site offers a host of free services to bloggers including stats, a directory, a list of hosts, etc. It truly is a “one stop shop” for blog services.

This site is a fun twist on blog stats. It’s a game were real blogs are “listed” and stock is issued and traded. It’s fun and very addictive! The price of a blogs stock is dependent on a number of factors including game play “buys and sells.” However, there is an effect on the stock price via actual blog growth. I have only been playing for a few days, but it’s a blast!

This site makes it possible to post a world map showing roughly how many hits a blog receives and roughly where in the world the hits are coming from. You can even set the time frame. Mine is set to monthly. It’s fun to see all that in an image like the map for this blog located on my sidebar!

This is mostly a directory, but it does give some stats. Your “authority” is the number of links Technorati believes your site has from other sites. As your number of links raises, your blog “rank” on Technorati also raises.

When I first decided to start blogging, I shopped around for a host. I test drove a bunch, but wordpress was the best of the bunch. There were several reasons I chose wordpress, but their “stats” was one of the big reasons. Of all the blog hosts I test drove, wordpress simply offered the best stats. My only whine about stats here at wordpress is that we used to get feed stats that showed how many subscribers our blogs had via RSS. There were technical problems with that feature, so the geek gods here at wordpress removed it. I am hoping that we will get the feed stats back someday soon. Other then that, I can’t say enough good about wordpress. As a host site they make everything about blogging fun and easy to do. Even lacking feed stats, wordpress still provides the best stats of any blog host I know.

One last point that makes wordpress a standout among blog hosts. The whole of wordpress has been blocked by the country turkey! This means that all three of the people in turkey who have computers will be unable to read any wordpress blog! ROFL, what other blog host has ever been blocked by a country? (besides china, everybody is blocked by the great firewall) These are braggin’ rights! WordPress is involved in an international incident. All kidding aside there are serious free speech issues involved here. I hope wordpress is all lawyered up and ready to do battle! Now back to the main point of this post, if it ever had one.

The question you may be asking is: why bother to check the stats at more then one stat site? Each of the sites listed have a different way of counting. The way to know whether your site is growing is to check several. Even though the number of hits or links listed by each of these sites varies from one site to another because of differences in HOW each site decides to count such. Having an upward TREND on several of these sites is a good indication that your blog is growing. These sites also link your blog via directories and such so they give your blog some visibility that sometimes leads to new readers.

Again, these are just the sites I use and am happy with. If you ave faves, please feel free to post them in a comment.

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board insist that I provide the following disclaimer: I have not been paid in any way by the above websites to “pimp” their sites and services. I have provided the above because I really find these sites and their services to be fun and useful! So far as I know, none of the above sites is located in part or in whole in turkey!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Blogflux, Blogshares, ClustrMaps,Technorati, WordPress…”

  1. Dear Friend Calpso

    Personally I don’t care about stats which anyone can increase by writing on favorite subjects which unfortunately are scandals and gossips covering rich and famous people. You are writing most interesting posts on politics with complete truth which is your biggest asset which keep me coming back.

    It is always pleasure to read your posts. Keep it up.

  2. Like QB said, you are doing some great things. The information will eventually bore through the skulls of thickheaded bloggers in stupidfuckastan.
    Then we will have allies behind enemy lines.



  3. Thanks for the nice, honest and clear posting, and the mention of ClustrMaps. As a gesture of gratitude, we’re upgrading you to the ClustrMaps+ service (no ads, much better zoomed in continent-level maps) right away, which should kick in as soon as the next update happens. Naturally, we would be thrilled if you placed our little map higher up in your blog gutter, but hey – there are no strings attached: keep your site the way you prefer it!! We just enjoy discovering nice postings about us!

    All the best, and keep on bloggin’

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

  4. Stats are important. It’s good to know that SOMEone is reading what I write everyday!

  5. Dear Mister Tronics,

    We object to your exclusion of our services and will see to it your blog is forever banned in China. As you may know, we have friends in Beijing!

    the Google/ Team

  6. Google has a option of turning on adds in some blogs so the bloggers can make sandwich money. That could provide for in person blog parties.

  7. Another bunch of great comments.

    QB you are right that some bloggers “game the system” and get cheap hits but:

    Dave Lucas is also right that “Stats are important. It’s good to know that SOMEone is reading what I write everyday!”

    Dancy, I hope so too!

    qazse, ROFL seems like google and china own everything. Don’t it?

    Josh, sandwiches? Will there be pie too?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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