“Go Go” gonzales quits, who will be the next AG?


Index Value: 13,322.13
Trade Time: August 27, 2007
Change: Down 56.74 (0.42%)


Well, another rat is jumping the bush crime family sinking ship. As has been and will be the tradition here. I will now speculate who, or what, will take go go’s place as attorney general consigliari to labushanostra:

This clown claimed he was a general. He was willing to do crimes before, he has to make this list:


The entire original cast of “Cats” can take turns.

billy o’beans. He’s another loser that would fit just fine in the position:oreillymad3.jpg

ron paul whoever he is.

owen wilson whoever he is.

paul clement whoever he is.

The ghost of ken lay works into this conversation nicely:


The robot from “Lost in Space” **DANGER, DANGER!**

The lady who does lunch instead of impeachment. She’s making sure the bush crime family stays in power, she deserves the job:


wanda nara whoever she is.

noelia whoever she is.

beyonce whoever she is.

bon bon! He’s sneaky and underhanded enough:


The chick billy o’beans had phone sex with nuff said.

How about this blast from the past? rummy:


rush limbaugh’s drug dealers, just what we need even more pill pushing doctors in washingtOOn!

The ghost of stalin is a shoe in:


If g’dubya is listening, I hope he hires V!


The telepathic crickets and I wonder who would be stupid enough to work for labusanostra…

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on August 28, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Go Go” gonzales quits, who will be the next AG?”

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  2. What happened to george Stuffacockulus.
    I also think Ronald McDonald or the Burger King would do great.

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