How Stupid Are YOU?


As the pile of charcoal ash from the labor day BBQ is placed in the proper receptacle, the MSM is spewing the endorsements given to the celebdidates by the unions. It’s traditional at this point in a presidential campaign year for the two parties of the apocalypse to pay lip service to working people.

There are two major problems with these union endorsements. First and foremost the decisions are made by high ranking union officials and have little to do with the needs and wishes of the rank and file union members. Second, the damn unions always choose to endorse celebdidates from the two parties of the apocalypse. Rarely if ever do the unions support a non-dem or non-repub. We need a true labor party in this country. The unions should be part of the struggle against the strangle hold the republicrats and dempublicains have over our political system. Instead the union leadership eats up the con job issued by the celebdidates and endorse these idiots. If there are any union officials reading this let me sum up all the bullshit speeches the celebdidates will be making to sucker you bunch into endorsing them:

America needs a strong labor movement!
The check is in the mail!
I won’t come in your mouth!

Union officials, HOW STUPID can YOU be? Go ahead, endorse those idiots yet again. The next time they will say anything about working people will be next time they run in an election. Once these scumbags get elected, we will get disasters like NAFTA from them, union membership will continue to drop, wages will get ever lower, benefits will disappear, and the two parties of the apocalypse will continue to give working people NOTHING BUTLIP SERVICE!

In the mean time, the corporateers will be running free and wild. They will be making substantial gains via the failed policies of the two parties of the apocalypse.

Patron saint and poster boy for the thieving pig rich:


FairEconomy.orgLabor Day report:
CEO: worker pay ratio shoots up to 431 : 1

The report is in, the pig corporateer rich are getting ever richer while the rest of us get ever poorer! “For example, David H. Brooks, CEO of bulletproof vest maker DHB Industries, earned $70 million in 2004, 13,349% more than his 2001 compensation of $525,000. Brooks also sold company stock worth about $186 million last year, spooking investors who drove DHB’s share price from more than $22 to as low as $6.50. In May 2005, the US Marines recalled more than 5,000 DHB armored vests after questions were raised about their effectiveness. By that time, Brooks had pocketed over $250 million in war windfalls.”

brooks is just one of the scumbags making big money screwing the rest of us. There are so many of these greedy dogs, it would be impossible to list em all.

Whose fault is this thievery? Do I blame the thieving corporateers themselves? YES! Do I blame the two parties of the apocalypse? YES! Do I blame the union “leadership” for failing the take the power elite on and to task for their excesses? YES! But most of all I blame YOU! Yes YOU, for sitting on your fat ass as these out of control thieving fucks rob us blind! YOU who will continue to be neo-conned into inaction. YOU who will go out and vote for the two parties of the apocalypse celebdidates. YOU who will allow our children to inherit a country populated by slaves without civil rights or living wages or any possibility of a happy future!

YOU have to DO SOMETHING! YOU have to get mad, get involved, and get the bastards that are screwing us! To continue to sit on your ass while our democracy and our wellbeing are flushed down the drain is the perfect proof of just HOW STUPID YOU ARE!

YOU are not gonna get the truth from the MSM! Here is one of the thieving pigs that owns the MSM:

Can we get to the part in this bad movie where this guy says “ROSEBUD”?


Here is one of his bought and prayed for minions:


Are YOU so STUPID as to believe anything a puss like that spews? HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I will be supporting and voting for THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES come election day! YOU SHOULD TOO!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on September 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “How Stupid Are YOU?”

  1. You gotta wonder what makes a guy be worth 13, 349% more in 3 years. Did he become that much more experienced, talented, etc, etc?

    It’s all BS because the people in power, the board of directors all act in self preservation of themselves and people who they believe will put more ill gotten gains in their grubby, greedy hands. So they share the wealth only to the few while people break their backs to may the heating bill and put food on the table.

    It has gotten so bad in our corporate society and until people peel back all this rot to see even more rot, it’s not going to get better.
    We all can do something, even as a simple letter to a corporation putting them on notice.
    Imagine if a corporation receives a 100,000 letters (or a million) from the common folk to put them on notice…….
    now that is power that can change.

    As long as we are indifferent, apathetic, or just don’t care, the greed will prevail.

  2. I don’t think that the labor unions have the clout they did years ago… my guess is their candidates will not benefit from being endorsed,,,

  3. Preach it Clapso.

  4. How long is it since Teamsters Union was shown to be mafia-dominated and the members pension funds scammed of proceeds due members ? Just one sample of a past which suggests unions are politicized and defanged like everything else.

  5. Good topic I’m not much for unions but if that is how you feel then more power to ya

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