Poetry Break #6


Another down day for the DOW. It has been going up and down for weeks now. It’s gonna crash, it’s only a matter of when…

Index Value: 13,305.47
Trade Time: Sept. 5, 2007
Change: Down 143.39 (1.07%)


Yeah, another damn poetry break…



Finger Bullet Utica, NY


Here I sit in a booth

Writing some’a my crap poetry


Alone though surrounded by people

As usual



My gin and tonic half empty

Or perhaps half full


My memories of younger nights

Spent here in the late eighties

Sweetened by a sentimental light


This is heightened by the joy

Of watching the latest generation

Of bulleteers fly about the room


Ricocheting off one Another

Via singles Ballistics


It’s fun to guess which round will

Collide and fuse with which


To become a singular projectile following

The probability curve of romance


To be for fleeting moments, or perhaps years

Relationship missiles


Traveling who knows where?


Then back to the finger bullet

For another round!





6721 Utica, NY


She sits cold and black now in a sleep of sentimental display

Her former energy missing from lack of coal or timber

Her run around days long gone replaced by her present idle spot

A rusted right of way crossing ,but what of her former speedy glory?



She was born at the beginning of last century

She now sits as a testament to the past here at the beginning of the Twenty first


In her day she WAS the fast lane trailing pullmans or perhaps boxcars

She came and went in great puffs of self-made cumulus nimbus

How many lovers stole a last kiss to shouts of ALL ABOARD!

How many young romantics boarded her never to return from over there?

How many grandparents awaited the arrival of their new mother, daughters?

How many farewells or welcome homes were waved as 6721 passed the platform


She smelled of steam and burning fuel

Her hearth fires stoked by burly men forged of the same metal as she

In the dining car the whiff of chicken and biscuits mixed with the smell of new leather luggage

Her sounds were loud and many a claxon Beat, a clanking, rattling, CACOPHANY

Her sweetest sound by far was WOOOooooooo WOOOOOOooooooo


How many a young child awaited that Glorious sound only to point in big eyed joy

To proclaim CHOO-CHOO MOMMY!

Although she sits still and silent now upon a visit to her place

You may still feel her presence as well, you may see a fleeting glimpse of our past and our future

For embodied in this well loved behemoth sits the hope of progress from an earlier innocent age


As we live in a time of technological sophistication barely dreamed of by her makers

A question lingers in my mind

Will people not yet born a hundred years hence

Look at our pickup trucks and SUV’s with such inspiration?


All this and more will 6721 give us come her Two hundredth birthday and beyond






A Two Dimensional Image,

Well After The Eagle Had Landed


I remember being shocked

that I couldn’t see madagascar

As I would in an atlas or on a globe


Instead I saw a mixture of white and blue

The colors dancing in a lovely swirl



The moonscape foreground

an interesting contrast

As was the surprisingly Starless

Deep black of surrounding space


How odd to see

From the perspective of a man

As far away as any human has been


The most profound view of our

Earthly home that I have ever seen


I wondered how he felt

Weighing one fifth normal

Viewing gaia rise over the sea of tranquility


I’ve held that photo in memory these three decades

And still I long to stand



Suited against the airless cold of luna

To watch our azure agate

Float above a crater’s rim



I’d then add to the remembered

The third dimension of personal experience


The telepathic crickets really dig the moon one…


The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer




~ by ClapSo on September 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “Poetry Break #6”

  1. I enjoy your poetry breaks. Was especially intrigued by “6721 Utica, NY” because it reminds me of a growing movement to resurrect the rail systems (especially in the UK) toward a more sustainable and humane means of transport.

  2. I like the poetry breaks also I wonder what the next one will be like since I have been a fan of the clapsotronics poetry for a wile. I think the crickets deserve some poetry.

  3. A word magician with many talents!

    Your poetry is like an early fall day, very crisp and calm, every contour clear & visible and lots of free blue space.


  4. 6721 Utica, NY

    In the dining car the whiff of chicken and biscuits mixed with the smell of new leather luggage

    A great poem…

    Ahhh, life on the rails….when life was simple.

    Very creative my dear Clapso……

    Hey, I don’t know what I enjoy more, the monthly cartoons, your political dissertations or your poetry.

    hmmm…………I guess I like them all. Variety is the Spice of LIFE.

  5. As always, you are all too kind…


    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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