Post #100 is Dedicated to YOU…


Another down day for the DOW. It has been going up and down for weeks now. It’s gonna crash, it’s only a matter of when…

Index Value: 13,305.47
Trade Time: Sept. 5, 2007
Change: Down 143.39 (1.07%)


Yes, this post is the 100th post and it is dedicated to YOU my fellow bloggers and to YOU my readers. As such, I am starting a new tradition on this blog. I will dedicate each additional 100 posts to YOU. That is, 200, 300, 400… etc. and post the following each time:

Since YOU have been reading this blog (I can tell from the stats you know) I would like you to please take this opportunity to offer me some feedback. Please comment on this blog. If there is something you like about this blog please say that. If there is something you don’t like about this blog please say that.

It’s open season! Whether it is the look of the blog or the subject matter of the blog or ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE BLOG, please let it be known via a comment on this post. If you have ANY suggestions or criticisms of this blog, please feel free to comment on this post. Don’t worry, I won’t be that insulted…

For those that can’t get enough of my rants, sorry I went all celebratory in todays post. Here is a brilliant anti-bush, antiwar rant by the master himself, and the only member of the MSM I still respect. I give you KO:

The telepathic crickets on the ClapSotronics editorial board and I would again like to thank YOU all for taking the time to read and comment here.

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on September 6, 2007.

11 Responses to “Post #100 is Dedicated to YOU…”

  1. Your welcome! It has been like a habit morning breakfast email checking coffee chugging and the useual. But I am greatfull for the entertaining informative information found at this blog. You can have a ice cream and it can be rewarding but this blog is like wall of bottles of beer you can drink it and have 600 left.

  2. It looks like MSNBC is better news network than Fox and CNN. Mayby I trade CNN with MSNBC.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    There’s NOTHING I don’t like about this blog. More of the same if you please.

    Well done ClapSo.

  4. ClapSo,
    I second the emotion!
    Congratulations on hitting No. 100 — and a home run it was. Your guy Keith, though, shouldn’t hold back. Keith, tell us how you really feel! šŸ˜‰
    Don’t change anything, ClapSo, especially not your sincerity.
    The ‘Sphere is certainly a better place for your efforts here.

  5. I can’t stand this damn blog. What are you, some kind of Commie?

  6. I guess ‘fairlane’ thinks all thinking people are commies. Typical conservative lugnut. Good content. Keep it up.

  7. I think you are somehow making a living off of some powerful political spin machine….no one works this hard for free.

    can you get me a reference?

  8. congratulation Clapso.

    I have a confession,
    since I found out the blog surfer, I have been reading your blogs on that section.
    It makes it convenient for reading, but takes away the incentive to comment.
    I should be getting out of my lazy shell and come to your site and share our thought.

    And my only suggestion: may the second 100 be quicker than the first.

  9. Thank you all very much.
    Josh, you’re a great pal o mine!
    QB glad you’re finished with the tennis vacation!
    Earthpal, you are soooo sweet, thanks!
    MUDGE, KO is a man after our own hearts ain’t he?
    Fairlane, you pinko hippy, you are fooling around and people think you’re a right windnut!
    Matthew, thanks, Fairlane is the resident funnyman here on wordpress, he was just kidding.
    Dancy, I wish I could sell out, but nobody can afford to pay me enough.
    Little Indian, thanks for your kind words.

    Thank you all!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  10. Hey ClapSo, I’ve become a regular reader of your blogs, so keep ’em coming. Your “rants” say what I’ve been thinking…don’t change anything.

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