The Democrats Compromise their Credibility, AGAIN!


The following is quoted from the New York Times:

Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5 — With a mixed picture emerging about progress in Iraq, Senate Democratic leaders are showing a new openness to compromise as they try to attract Republican support for forcing at least modest troop withdrawals in the coming months.


The dems are negotiating with the repubs? What a load of shit! The dems have been in cahoots with the repubs all along. This is nothing more then the latest sales job by the two parties of the apocalypse. It’s all part of their big con job. They want you to believe that the dems have been trying to end this failure of a war. The truth is, this is just the latest dramatics staged to fool you to vote dem. They have no intention of ending this war. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO TO END IT IS REFUSE TO FUND IT! That takes no votes whatever. They simply refuse to bring ANY spending bill that funds the war to the floor of the house for a vote. No more funding, no more war. It’s that simple.

This war has gone on far too long already. There has been enough killing. There has been enough suffering. It’s simply time to bring it to an end. There is no good reason to continue it. What do the repubs have to say for themselves? This:

Iraq withdrawals “off the table”: Republicans

By Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell Sept. 6

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Leading Republicans in Congress on Thursday declared that troop withdrawal legislation should be scrapped because the United States has made significant progress in the Iraq war, just as Democrats were resuming efforts to bring soldiers home.


There you have it. There are now MORE of our young people in uniform over there then there were when the dems took control of the house and senate. There are now many more dead and wounded in this war. There are hundreds of billions more spent on this death and destruction, and there is no end in sight. The dems are gonna give the bush crime family hundreds of billions more in funding for this disaster. We gotta stand up. YOU gotta get up and march on washingtOOn on the 15th of September! YOU can’t sit this one out. We need to let the two parties of the apocalypse know we ain’t buying their latest sales job. We can’t be fooled again! We gotta put a stop to this insanity!

The following video shows how DESPERATE the bush crime family and the rest of the pigs in control of our government are to stop the September 15th march.

Police suppress Sept. 15 anti-war press conference across from White House

Three anti-war activists were arrested in front of the White House today after the U.S. Park Police moved to suppress a press conference called to protest the fines and threats against the ANSWER Coalition for putting up anti-war posters promoting the September 15 March and Die-In in Washington DC.

The arrested were Tina Richards, CEO of Grassroots America and mother of Iraq War Veteran Cloy Richards; Adam Kokesh, the Co-Chair Elect of the Iraq Veterans Against the War and member of Veterans for Peace; and Ian Thompson, an organizer with the ANSWER Coalition.

The press conference became a chaotic scene as U.S. Park Police interrupted the event on the basis that there was no permit for a folding table that was used as a speaker’s stand for media microphones. As U.S. Park Police officers surrounded the group, an officer on horseback rode into the crowd to disperse the media and onlookers.

Tina Richards and Adam Kokesh had announced that they would put a September 15 March to Stop the War poster on a lamppost following the press conference. The ANSWER Coalition has been fined over $30,000 in the last three weeks in an unprecedented action aimed at suppressing the September 15 mobilization. The three were taken to the Central District Substation of the United States Park Police. They will later be transferred to a jail in which they will spend the night before being arraigned in U.S. Superior Court tomorrow afternoon.


Please come to this very important march on washingtOOn September 15th. We need to show the idiots in control of our government that we are against THEIR WAR AND THEIR SUPPRESSION OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! You can learn all the info about the march by clicking the image on my sidebar.


The telepathic crickets and I will be marching on washingtOOn September 15th!

The scientifically impossible I do right away

The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


~ by ClapSo on September 7, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Democrats Compromise their Credibility, AGAIN!”

  1. The war machine is scientific . They have crunched the numbers and have realized, the average American, the ipod generation , the people from planet Zoloft are starting to shake-off the apathetic fog sorrounding them. People are getting sick of this war and cannot pay their bills. Who is to blame? The government. In the old days they could blame the Irish, the Italians, the Jews, The blacks , Illegal aliens for the eroding quality of life.
    Times are a changing the purse strings of the one percenters are about to be yanked open.
    Don’t fall for the next victims of diversion, the chinese, koreans and iran. We are to blame for our current state.
    They are afrsid the protests on September 15 will spark something.
    That comforts me.

  2. I agree with DBD. This is a good sign. They are starting to sweat.

    Its about time there is some real activism. Civil disobedience is the key to change (Ask Gandhi, Mandela, and JC, to name a few).

  3. We’ve been contemplating 9/15…but after yesterday’s news from, you’ll be seeing me in DC doing my civil disobedience duties as a concerned American citizen…

    Come & join us!

  4. Clapso so much sick and tired of all this war destruction and killings that it was good two weeks to enjoy US Open tennis keeping my mind of these stressful news and propaganda. Tennis will be over on Sunday and will pay some attention on the news. Majority of Democrats and Republicans are corrupt politicians and the good ones nobody pay attention. Result Bush and Dick type get elected.

  5. Free Speech Zones were in effect under Bill Clinton. I remember them well as I joined many a picket line. Bush and Co are merely continuing the assault against our constitutional rights. I have no more illusions about Republicrats. Hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils they used to say…well no more.
    If only I could go to the march, even for a day, but I’m broke. I work and yet I’m broke.

  6. I’ll be at the march in DC. There’s at least 2 bus loads coming up from little old Richmond, VA. Hope a bunch of y’all are able to make it…

  7. Glad to hear that as many as can make it will be marching on washingtOOn on Sept. 15. For those in central New York there will be a march in Syracuse on Sept. 29, I’m hoping to be at that one too. If you want info about either march, email me at

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. Thanks for posting up that video Clapso. I wouldn’t have seen it if it weren’t for you. I’m putting it up on my blog and crediting you.

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